Saturday, September 18, 2010

Customizer Spotlight #5: Order66Customs

Time for yet another edition of Customizer Spotlight. This time around we are featuring the work of Order66Customs, also known as Fritzkrieg. We have several pieces made by this artist and Dad says these are some of his favorites in my collection. Dad likes the diorama fillers with no back story. He says these figures provide a lot of freedom when we play because we don't have to worry about messing with the Star Wars timeline. Just last night Dad came across the work of Order66Customs in the Yakface Forums ( We got to see the action figures shown below posted there before they had been added to my collection. We were shocked when we realized how long ago the figures were made. They were all created in 2007, but we did not acquire them until this year. Anyway enough talk, check out the skills on this artist. Hope you enjoy as much as we do!

P.S. - Make sure you check out those forums. His custom vehicles are over the top. Wish I had some in my collection.


Love the paint job on the helmet.


We had so much fun with this action figure that he took up an entire days worth of playing.

Still having fun with him.


Chukarr Karott
Seduced by the technology of the outlanders, as well as their drink. Chukarr veiws the old ways as foolish and craves the power that the outlanders possess. He secretly plots to take control of the five clans. He has been hoarding a cache of outlander weaponry, buying his time for just the right moment.


Twi'lek Pirate

Nautolan Pirate

You can find Order66Customs action figures here: