Wednesday, May 18, 2011



created by Darth Daddy

A custom action figure created by Darth Daddy for customizer Lucasclones.


On Free Comic Day we hit a bunch of comic book stores before we headed over to the DK Star Wars Attack of the Authors East Coast Tour located at the Tribeca Barnes & Noble Bookstore in Manhattan. At every comic book store we visited, every store was out of the Clone Wars comic, "Savage Unleashed!" After the event at Barnes & Noble, and hitting a few more places, we came to the realization that we weren't going to be able to get a copy that day. Dad called a few more comic book shops that were on our way back home and it was the same story everywhere. SOLD OUT!!

While on our train ride home, Dad and Lucasclones, the host of the podcast Custom Action Figure News, were talking on Facebook through Dad's phone and Chad (Lucasclones) said he was able to obtain two copies of the comic and offered to give us one of his copies. Dad offered to make Chad a custom action figure for his generosity and a figure was born. Lucasclones is well known for his clone trooper custom action figures and Dad figured he'd attempt to earn some customizing street cred by creating his first ever clone action figure for a clone master.

Dad looked at what action figures he had laying over in our customizing box and found the only clone that we had...a Clone Wars "Oddball" action figure. For three days, Dad worked and toiled. The action figure was pretty much a repaint, but with a small Apoxie Sculpt modification on the helmet control pad. I may never forgive Dad for giving away this figure, because I truly fell in love with it. If you ask me I think Dad did too.

The moral of this story is, "Good kharma pays off." Hope you enjoy the figure, Chad.

Letter from Lucasclones that he sent with the comic.

Republic Commandos drawn by Lucasclones.
(click the image twice to see it at an optimal size)


"Bones the Resurrected, Bones the Immortal" or just "Bones" for short, was known throughout the Republic to be the best pilot in the entire Republic fleet. He was able to fly circles around the Separatist armies. Even Anakin Skywalker often wondered if his skills were as good as the infamous clone pilot Bones. The peculiar thing was that it was said that his skills were derived from supernatural forces. Interestingly enough, the most well known story about Bones was not about his piloting skills, but rather pertained to his supposed resurrection from the dead. Hours after Bones had been pronounced dead by the medical staff, it was said that he suddenly sprang back to life with a scream that could be heard throughout the entire medical station. Tales had circulated from that day forward of how Bones had risen from the dead. When he was found, floating in space all the bones in his body had been broken and his body was heavily scarred from burns he received when his fighter was destroyed in battle. If you ask any clone troopers about Bones, they may admit in confidence that he creeped them out a bit and they may even add that Bones often smelled of rotting flesh. Others joke he has the personality of a tombstone and he's nothing but a haunted corpse that didn't cheat death at all. Regardless of what he is, he sure can fly. No matter what the odds, no matter how close to death he may appear to be, Bones lives on to hear the chants of his brothers, "Bones the Resurrected, Bones the Immortal!"


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Bones is only the second action figure created by Dad to have left our home.

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