Thursday, May 5, 2011


Our latest customizer hails from Grand Island, NY. BOTWT says he is still trying to figure out this collecting and converting thing, but he says he does okay for a neurologically damaged oaf. He credits his great wife of 8 years who allows him to spend loads of cash on his hobbies and to act like an over sized child of 40 years…but he's sure that fills her need to mother something. BOTWT was only 7 years old when Star Wars came out and became an instant fan, he had been out of the collecting game for quite some time and has only recently started back up with a few of the Clone Wars figures. He said he thinks he likes them because the "cartoony-ness" of the figures reminds him of the original figures he collected when he was a kid. He recently started a blog of his custom action figures and he hopes his blog encourages you in your collecting and customizing of Star Wars figures.


To see more custom action figures by BOTWT, check out his blog:

Head over to his ebay page where he has some great customs for sale right now: