Saturday, May 26, 2012

drod26 added to "Customs I Wish I Owned"

drod26 is an engineer during the day and a dedicated father and husband. When he is not attending to his family or doing house work, he is digging throughout his pile of fodder, consulting art books, looking at the color wheel for inspiration for his next custom. His style is to come up with a well-designed character visually and aesthetically. drod26 got started customizing in 2011 when he joined YakFaceForums and his inspiration to customize came from seeing all the great work there and the welcoming members like Chewie.. If you like his work drop him a line. Want to know what his recipes are? Just ask, he will gladly share them with you.  Unfortunately, he doesn't do commissions at this time.

drod26 was the first subscriber to our blog and it's really cool that we now have the honor to share his work with all of you.  Dad and drod26 started making customs around the same time and were fellow padawan learners over at  Dad is really blown away by the paint work of drod26, especialy on the horns of his Iktochi custom.  Dad hopes one day he can paint as well as drod26.  This video is a must see! 


Your can see more of his work at: