Monday, August 20, 2012

Star Wars Celebration VI: Customizing Panel Giveaways

Well Celebration VI is right around the corner and it is less than one week away until the first ever Star Wars Action Figure Customizing Panel.  If you haven't decided if you will be attending or not, maybe this announcement will convince you to get yourself there.  It has been announced that all of the panel members will be giving away some of their work to audience members when it concludes.  Not only will you get to see a presentation on the history of the art form, but if you are lucky you may even walk away with an action figure created by the talented artists: Sith_fire30, Luke Sprywalker, Sillof or Chewie of Don't miss out on this milestone in Star Wars history.  Below are pictures of just some of the prizes  created by Star Wars artists Sith_fire30 and Chewie that lucky winners could receive at the conclusion of the panel.  Sith_fire30 is even creating custom packaging for the prize that he is donating.  Don't miss out!


Imperial V-Wing Pilot & Helmet Set
created by Sith_fire30

Imperial Zombies
created by Yak_Chewie