Wednesday, January 9, 2013


So Dad was spending a few hours today updating our "Customs I Wish I Owned" archive page. As he was working, he came across the video for his friend Rob, aka Stronox, and realized that our video for his work was last updated in 2011. Stronox is very well known in customizing circles for being the artist that we all aspire to paint like. I know I'm an admirer. Dad and Stronox go way back to when we first started this blog. Stronox if you're reading this, Dad says he's looking forward to catching up. Ever since Rob had a schedule change at his job, Dad finds that he usually has to be in bed before Rob is available to talk so he can be up and functioning for his own job.

If you ever find that you want to explore other custom action figure blogs besides ours, we highly recommend visiting the blog of Stronox. Every action figure is created maximizing every figure's articulation with paint applications that are to die for.  Each figure captured with his exceptional photography skills. He is great too if your tastes venture outside the Star Wars galaxy. Stronox makes custom Marvel, DC Universe Classics, G.I. Joe, Warhammer 40k, Predator, and more. Anyone who geeks out over action figures would love his blog. It is a beautiful gallery of his work. When Stronox isn't parenting, he's either customizing figures, drawing, painting, reading, collecting toys, or gaming.


You can get to the blog for Stronox by clicking the link below:

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Vilmarh Grahrk
by Stronox