Sunday, April 7, 2013


To all our fans in the Woodbridge, NJ area, Customs for the Kid will be attending Star Wars Spectacular in Woodbridge, NJ today. Darth Daddy and Elias will be there with an assortment of customs created by Customs for the Kid, as well as several other customizers featured on the blog's Customizer Spotlight. Information on the "Smuggler's Gambit" Custom Action Figure Contest will be on hand and we'll be having a raffle where the prize will be a Customs for the Kid custom action figure. Stop by, we'd love to meet you.

Other artist's work being featured at our table will be custom action figures found on our Customizer Spotlight page. There will be custom Star Wars action figures created by: Luke Sprywalker, Hangarbay94, Stronox, Peakob1, Lucasclones, Wraithnine, Sillof, Chewie, and many more artist's work on display. It's a chance to see some signature pieces from our collection in person. We realize that not everyone can make it, so we'll do our best to document the event.  We will be playing Dad's Celebration 6: Custom Action Figure Panel Commemorative Video to make sure we expose attendees of the event to as many different artists as we can while we are there. If your work was in that video it will be on display for this day's event. We look forward to seeing you all there.

Celebration VI:
Star Wars Customizing Action Figure Panel
Commemorative Video
 created by Darth Daddy

This is a video featuring the custom artwork of several of the artists that have allowed us to display their work here on our blog.  We would have loved to display the work of countless other artists, but because we did not have the time to ask their permission, their work sadly does not appear in the video. When we first started CFTK, we developed a customizer directory where we provide our audience with a way to see work of the artists we help to promote, as well as video montages of their creations.