Sunday, March 9, 2014

Death Star Consoles Available!

If you’re looking to fill another glaring hole in your collection, now’s your chance thanks to yet another killer item from Yakface forum member Raylen of Hole In The Ground Productions!  They are modular and you can have up to 8 control panels mounted to the base. He's selling them with either 5 panels (like in the detention center) or 8 panels. A decal set is included with the purchase. Head on over to the forums for a closer look, and place your orders here!  We got are Death Star Console in the mail just four days after we ordered it and the quality was top shelf!

created by Raylen of Hole In The Ground Productions

3 3/4" Death Star console

 Available as a 5 panel station

 And as an 8 panel set!

Just glue them together, paint them black and attach the decals.


 Cantina chairs

 Cantina tables

3 3/4" scale

 Iconic Star Wars boxes

 Hoth door

Tatooine door

Click the image below to go to the "Hole In The Ground Productions" store: