Sunday, May 11, 2014

Custom Action Figure News - Episode #69: JRNY FAN

Custom Action Figure News had an absolute blast talking with Brian aka JRNY FAN this past Thursday. Get yourself a cup of jawa juice, kick back, and listen to Lucasclones and Tamer talk about JRNY FAN's great Kenner inspired play-sets, hear about a cool product called Instamorph that you may want to add to your tool box, as well as a small tutorial and preview of what you are in for if you want to do some of your own 3D Printing. Hats off to JRNY FAN for giving CAFN a bit of his time. Don't forget to visit the ISY CAFN Archive Page where you can find this latest offering as well as all of their past episodes. 

We were really happy to hear that this artist was the one being featured.  We here at  home have been wanting to show his work on here for a long time now.  So happy that we can expose you to JRNY FAN if you haven't heard of him already!