Friday, June 13, 2014

Custom Action Figure News Episode 69 - CAFN goes to Video Podcasting

It has been a long time coming, but Lucasclones and Tamer had a very enjoyable first run as they made the jump from audio to video podcasting. A few of the items they talked about were: customizing highlights around the web (of course!), new announcements regarding Star Wars Collectibles, the latest Episode 7 rumors including that great new Battlefront Trailer, etc. Now I can't promise a totally glitch free podcast as this is their first time out in this format, but they wanted to work out all the kinks before they get back to their live interviews with the best customizers across the world wide web. And don't worry, for those that like the plain audio format, they will be converting all of these videos to mp3's! And don't forget to subscribe to our YouTube Channel as CAFN begins this new series.

Its time to get your Expanded Universe on for ISY's next Custom Challenge!

The voting has ended and its time to announce the next custom action figure challenge at ISY! Its time to get your Expanded Universe on! Imperial Shipyards wanted to do something to honor all of the wonderful folks out there who have added so much to the Star Wars Universe during the dark years when we had no toys, no movies, not much of anything as a matter of fact. And while it may be termed "legendary" it is definitely near and dear to many of us at ISY.  Click here to read the full contest details.  You have from now until July 12th to create your custom!