Thursday, March 19, 2015


Customizing action figures can be quite expensive.  Especially if you have to buy a $15 action figure and the only piece that you need is the head.  To avoid breaking the bank, advanced customizers will sometimes make a mold of the piece that they need, and then reproduce the required part with plastic cast resin. I have made a few casts of my own over the years creating things like: extra Clone Wars Chancellor Palpatine heads, Weequay pirate heads, and the lightsaber hilts for my General Pong Krell custom action figure.  Creating casts can be both cost effective and a huge time saver.  

Several customizing artists have begun to sell their cast pieces to the public and their offerings are just awesome.  Over the years, I have bought cast pieces from many of these artists.  

This week, I thought I'd share with you some of the artists that I have purchased from to provide you with a resource that can help you enhance your own collections and give you the ability to acquire some of these pieces for your own. From assorted head casts to accessories and full blown playsets, these guys offer it all.  Below are pictures with samples of each artists work as well as their names and links to the online stores.  I figured with tax returns coming in, I'd offer you all the opportunity to acquire some of these great items. Happy shopping!

Quality head casts.

Quality head casts.

Quality head casts.

 Riff Valley Designs aka I-AM-BOBA-FETT
Unique Star Wars head casts from a talented Star Wars customizer.

Production Platform 3
Unique start up with dynamic offerings.  Product is continuously in development. They carry head casts, accessories and small diorama pieces.

Limited edition 3D printed, cast model sets and dioramas.

One of the only artists who has replacements for missiles.

Hole in the Ground Productions 
Very cool cast store for Star Wars fans! Cast diorama pieces for 3 3/4" and 6" scale figures.

 Twelfth Parsec
Beautiful 3D printed diorama playsets!!