Friday, May 10, 2013

"Smuggler's Gambit" Custom Action Figure Contest WINNER ANNOUNCED


For those of you who don't know, RebelForce Radio and Customs for the Kid have just wrapped up their "Smuggler's Gambit" Custom Action Figure Contest.  The winner of the contest was none other than well-known Star Wars customizer Luke Sprywalker for his Ro Kurota action figure submission.

Some of you might remember Luke Sprywalker from the first ever Star Wars Custom Action Figure Panel that was held last summer at Star Wars Celebration VI where he was one of the first speakers to give the panel. 

Luke Sprywalker is a great ambassador for the Star Wars customizing community and we here at Customs for the Kid are looking forward to hearing him appear on RebelForce RadioLuke Sprywalker is an excellent representative for the art form.  He has been displaying his custom creations since 2008 and has put out some awesome action figures.  He does a lot of vehicle and diorama work too.  Sprywalker even created the characters for a photo novel called Star Wars Apocalypse written by Nate Ciurla aka Kessel Run Imports and with graphic design and action figures created by Julian Maurice aka  Hangarbay94.   Luke Sprywalker has had his hands in every aspect of action figure art.  He is always there to offer encouragement to the newer custom action figure artists and is there to support the veteran's as well.  He creates a super positive environment around him wherever he goes and he's always there to lend a helping hand to those in need of customizing advice.   I couldn't think of any customizer more suited to get some air time on RebelForce Radio than this seasoned artist.  Can't wait to hear him interviewed by Jimmy MacInerney (Jimmy Mac) and Jason Swank on their RebelForce Radio podcast.

"I decided I wanted to make the character Sam Witwer voices in Smuggler's Gambit radio drama. I am a huge fan of Sam's, since the release of the Force Unleashed. I wanted the figure to feature sleek tight lines, not bulked up like many of my other figures. I also wanted to go a little bold with color choices for his clothing. It is mentioned that he wears mostly black so I wanted to stick to the description but add interest. When modifying the GI Joe head sculpt I added a small scar to show he had been around the block. Since Sam also plays Starkiller I threw in a few homages to those designs. I wanted him to have several belts, the collar is reminiscent of his Raxus Prime gear cowl, the shoulder armor is a reflection of his training gear design. In the end, other than some resemblance to Sam in the face, I hope it doesn't look like Starkiller, but mildly influenced by his many looks. So on with the show, presenting Ro Kurota, a young spacer just turned bounty hunter with his sights set on Han Solo."  - Luke Sprywalker

The judges for the contest were "Smuggler’s Gambit" writer Kyle Newman, co-writer F.J. DeSanto, Jimmy MacInerney (Jimmy Mac) and Jason Swank of RebelForce Radio, voice actor David Collins (Han Solo in "Smuggler's Gambit"), artist Paul Bateman from The Art of Ralph McQuarrie, actor Sam Witwer (Galen Marek aka Starkiller of Force Unleashed & Force Unleashed 2, Darth Maul in Clone Wars, and Ro Kurota of "Smuggler's Gambit") and Darth Daddy of Customs for the Kid.

"Ro Kurota"
created by Luke Sprywalker

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