Sunday, January 28, 2018


For die hard action figure collectors, there is either a small corner in the home that pays homage to the plastic, or an all-out display room devoted it. The most extreme can coat every wall in their homes with their collection. My dad has tried his best to keep the display focused to just my room, but he already lost that battle. Now Dad just tries to keep my Star Wars collection out of his side of the home. Anyhow, that is a conversation for another time.

This is just a peak at my Star Wars collection. Well, my bedroom to be exact.  The last time we did a video of my room was five years ago so an update was warranted.  A LOT has changed. Dad shot some footage of it to test a camera light he had and gave me the raw footage. I am not sure when I am going to have time to edit it into something more polished, so I figured I'd just share what Dad filmed that day with our readers.

I hope you enjoy. If there is something that looks like a custom in the room, that you have never seen before, and you want to know more about the particular piece, there is a good chance it is featured on our Customizer Spotlight page, or it could be something that we made here at home which you get information on by clicking the photo of the custom we made located in our Action Figure Index and learn about more about how each figure was made.

Tuesday, January 2, 2018


Porgs, the cute avian creatures from The Last Jedi, are now available in the 3.75" scale from Asis Film Models. We scored a carded set over the holiday, and it's such a cool product offering, we'd jump on this sweet deal before it's sold out.  The card stock was beautiful and the presentation was on point. Magnets were even present on both the feet of the Porgs and the Ahch-To rock making the set ideal for display purposes. 

- Includes 3 porgs with an Ahch-To rock displayed on a Vintage style blister card with "detachable" bubble for easy access. 

Numbered edition of ONLY 100!

Ready for display in your collection or Star Wars diorama!