Tuesday, January 2, 2018


Porgs, the cute avian creatures from The Last Jedi, are now available in the 3.75" scale from Asis Film Models. We scored a carded set over the holiday, and it's such a cool product offering, we'd jump on this sweet deal before it's sold out.  The card stock was beautiful and the presentation was on point. Magnets were even present on both the feet of the Porgs and the Ahch-To rock making the set ideal for display purposes. 

- Includes 3 porgs with an Ahch-To rock displayed on a Vintage style blister card with "detachable" bubble for easy access. 

Numbered edition of ONLY 100!

Ready for display in your collection or Star Wars diorama!


Monday, December 4, 2017


Another year is wrapping up here at the blog. Although it is rather early in the month of December, we figured we'd do our end of the year video now because we don't think we have anymore customs coming this month. In fact, we may have to take a "short" break from customizing for a few months due to some upcoming changes here at home. More about all of that at a later date though. 

Below is a video slideshow compilation of all the Star Wars custom action figures made this year by Darth Daddy and Elias of Customs for the Kid.  We only made 36 action figures this year, but we peppered in a lot of work by other Star Wars artists to keep you all entertained. To see more information on each custom in the video go to our Action Figure Index and click on the image of the action figure(s) you are interested in learning more about.  

Until we are back up and running, take time to explore the blog in its entirety.  There is almost a decade of material here from artists from all over the world. Click away at all the images in the sidebar, or just start at the beginning of the blog and work your way through while we are away. Before you know it we will be back up and running, and everything will be back to normal.  Until then, have a good holiday season and we'll see you sometime later in 2018!


Thursday, November 30, 2017


This is a Thank the Maker "Special Edit" with added scenes to replace some of the older ones and some really great subtitles included to spice up some of the original footage. Also listen close when the Strormtroopers show up on screen, you might just hear Brian Fulton aka Darth Daddy of Customs for the Kid and Chad Peak aka Peak-OB1 Custom Creations lending their voice acting talents.

Tuesday, November 28, 2017

CUSTOMIZER SPOTLIGHT #51: "Custom Cast Cargo Accessory Bundles" created by Empire Toy Works

This year I used some of my birthday money to purchase some items from Empire Toy Works to enhance my diorama displays. In the mail, I received a variety of really cool replicas of some Star Wars crates, generators and barrels that I absolutely love.  I highly recommend checking out this artists eBay page for not only the cool accessories he has available, but also to see his gorgeous wooden Star Wars dioramas that I hope to own one day!

"Custom Cast Cargo Accessory Bundles" 
created by Empire Toy Works

ROT-GUT STATION (Spaceport Playset) created by EMPIRE TOY WORKS
Slideshow Video by Darth Daddy

Monday, November 20, 2017


This was a clone trooper we have been wanting to get to for a long time now. Hound was an ARF Trooper sergeant of the Coruscant Guard who was stationed at the Republic military base during the Clone Wars. To make the figure we used the body from a Clone Wars Commander Wolffe action figure with a casted helmet that was sent to us by a friend. To finish the figure I just added the signature paint applications.

In 20 BBY, shortly after the bombing of the Jedi Temple hangar, Letta Turmond, who was responsible for planting the explosives, was taking into Republic custody at the Military base on Coruscant. After Turmond died, having believed to be murdered by Ahsoka Tano, Hound was part of the team that searched the base for Tano with his massiff, Grizzer. The massiff picked up on Tano's scent and led him towards her. However, she narrowly evaded them and escaped on top of the Geonosis monument. Hound later went with Grizzer and the others of his group to corner Tano.

created by Elias