Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Aurra Sing: The Antenna Dilemma

What's up with Hasbro and their Aurra Sing releases? First they release her without her antenna and then when they finally do in the Clone Wars version, they make the antenna on her head look like a giant white ruler and nothing like what it's supposed to. I'm sure they had durability in mind, but something has to give. So at home we took matters into our own hands.

For the Clone Wars Aurra Sing, Dad grabbed the scissors, cut the antenna in half, grabbed a sharp knife from the kitchen drawer, cut the base of the antenna from the rear to the front leaving half of what was there previously. He then cut a small piece from the part he removed and krazy glued that small piece to the top of the antenna that remained attached to the figure. Then he painted the antenna with silver paint, sealed it, and she was complete. I like my new Aurra Sing much better.

Modified Clone Wars Aurra Sing

Army Building

Before we started painting and making customs, we pretended rebels we had doubles of or triples of were twins or triplets. Once Dad had some confidence after finishing Arianna and her Jedi starfighter, he broke out his paints once more and diversified my troops.


Dad started with a standard POTF2 Rebel Fleet Trooper.

He then took the other three I had and gave me a unique group of rebels to diversify my play.

The dirty old man.

Crazy mustache man.

And Goldilocks.


For the Endor Rebel Soldier, Dad just added a beard and now I didn't have to say that they were twins any longer.

Original POTF2 Endor Rebel Soldier

POTF2 Endor Rebel Soldier with Dad's custom paint job.


Rahm Kota's Militia Elite action figure.

For our next army building project, we tackled Rahm Kota's Militia Elite. We only had two to work with besides the original, but we had fun with these two, nonetheless.

Rahm Kota's Militia Elite custom action figure #1 and...

Rahm Kota's Militia Elite custom action figure #2.


We had a two Captain Argyus figures laying around because someone messed up an order and threw him in to smooth things over. Dad grabbed some black paint and now I have two Senate Guards.

Captain Argyus action figure.

Custom Senate Guard

The Beginning: Defect Becomes Child Favorite


The art of making customs started sometime last year when we ordered a Ahsoka Tano from Tunghori's Star Wars Army Store ( on ebay. We were pretty excited when the little green package arrived in our mailbox. That is until we opened the cardboard box and saw the action figure was missing her signature white face paint. Fortunately, my dad had found an Ahsoka that very day at our local Target. So he grabbed some old model paints he had bought a few years earlier to customize my GeoTrax train set (he never got around to painting it) and Arianna was born, complete with her own custom Jedi Starfighter. Now I use her in just about every story I create. Her history spans all the way from the days just before the Clone Wars straight through to becoming a member on Luke's Jedi Council.


Arianna and her custom Jedi Starfighter. I chose R2-KT as Arianna's astromech droid & co-pilot after hearing the story of Katie Johnson. I turn 7 this year and Katie Johnson's story inspired me to make her a big part of my Star War's adventures.

Since then, my dad has made me lots of customs figures and started army building for me too. Our new blog will showcase what we've made so far and some customs made by other artists that we picked up along the way. We'll try and provide you with some links to these talented artists in case you want to get some of their customs for your own and Dad will give you some tips to those of you who are just starting out. Dad says he's just a beginner himself so don't expect much, but his customs are good enough for me.

Arianna Updated
created by Darth Daddy