Thursday, January 30, 2014

localgotal Added to "CUSTOMS I WISH I OWNED"

Star Wars customizer localgotal does not physically create his action figures with plastic.  Instead he makes a digital custom. 

What is a digital custom you ask?  Let's hear a description from localgotal himself. 

"By "digital custom" I mean that I've taken various images of other figures from across the web and in Photoshop pieced them together to create an image." - localgotal

His imagery can best be described as a Star Wars collector's wishlist  of vehicles and action figure that they'd like to see released before it is too late.  If Hasbro wants to know what collectors would like to see in 2014, check out presents...Concept Series: Action Figure Customs by localgotal.   I can't pick a better voice to speak to what I know I want as a collector.  What he has put on display is exactly what I I'd like to see next month when Hasbro has it's big reveal at Toy Fair in NYC.  Clear the parking lot!  This is the last chance for these figures to be released with all the new product that will be produced with the new films coming out. Between the new Trilogy and Spin-Off movies coming out, there are just so many things he displays that I'd like to get before OTC toys are gone from toy shelves forever. His suggestions are a love letter to Hasbro spilling forth all our wishes and desires.

localgotal has such great eye and his representations of the characters from the films are spot on.  He definitely picks the best parts from everywhere and fits everything together seamlessly.  I almost wish this stuff was reality and I'd be able to bring it all home.  Hasbro's investors are sleeping at the wheel.  Stockholders need to take a more active role in the companies that they invest in.  I wish this was Hasbro's selection in 2014 giving a last hurrah to the OTC to prep everyone for 2015.  They'd make a fortune off of me!

What I like is this is an "ongoing series" and I can see us getting figures from all the Star Wars content eventually. He's only been at it since November. This is only the beginning. His recurring feature on needs to become part of your web browsing activity if you are a fan of Star Wars figures.  As a customizer, it is definitely a completely different skill set, but the task is equally difficult. 

And this guy definitely brings the Photoshop skills! Love his imagery! I certainly couldn't do what he does.

I want localgotal in charge of the Star Wars line going forward. We need to change the guard. stumbled upon greatness when they found localgotal.




Wednesday, January 29, 2014


So we do have a new figure and a new artist that we will be showing for our Customizer Spotlight, but due to some shipping issues, we don't think we will have a new artist to show until at least February.  We do have the figure in hand already, but the diorama that the figure was to be displayed with is currently missing in action.  So to hold you all over, we have a few more Star Wars custom action figures that we recently acquired to provide an ample distraction until all shipments have arrived.  These figures were created by Peakob1 Custom Creations.  We have more custom action figures made by this artist than any other customizer and for good reason too. Peakob1 (peek-O-B-One) figures are just plain awesome!

This time around we added his Clone Wars Trandoshan Hunter and Sai' Torr Kal Fas from the Mos Eisley Cantina scene.  I couldn't be happier with the new additions to my collection.

created by Peakob1

"Sai' Torr Kal Fas"
created by Peakob1

Peakob1 on Facebook:

Tuesday, January 28, 2014


Darth Daddy's Customizing Corner featured Star Wars artist Peakob1 in the latest Customizing Corner over at The Star Wars Underworld.


Knowing that there are a lot of Clone Wars fans that visit The Star Wars Underworld, I thought that our next featured artist would be a welcome addition for this week's showcase. PeakOB1 (peek-O-B-One) has been a Star Wars fan all his life. He makes customs for the love of the hobby and you won't find a more dedicated fan. He started customizing in '95, and as far as our collection at home goes, we have more Star Wars custom action figures made by PeakOB1 than by any other artist. So many that I've lost count.

While I have a few OTC, Shadows of the Empire and Droids custom figures that he made, the bulk of the figures I own by this artist are Clone Wars custom action figures.  He has created so many characters from the show that I wish had been released by Hasbro.  PeakOB1 has developed into one of my closest friends in the community, and for the last few years we have been working together to make an incredibly cool Clone Wars collection for my little guy. Peakob1 is also one of the few artists that I have collaborated with on a project.  The Clone Wars Hondo Ohnaka Pirate Gang we created together still gets honorable mention in customizing circles.  There are very few Clone Wars custom action figure artists in the community and this artist has released some of the most noteworthy additions to the line up.   If you are a fan of The Clone Wars then his action figures are a must see!

PeakOB1's earliest work is unique compared to most other customizers in that he uses his own style of making figures that he refers to as "hard sculpting"; gluing plastic pieces to a figure and then sanding them into a desired form as opposed to using sculpy to mold his own figures. He uses bits of existing parts and then Dremels them down to make a new result. He believes that it makes for a much stronger figure because he's a little like Jar Jar, "hesa clumsy" and often drops figures. Thankfully they don't break because he builds them properly.  Within the last year and a half, PeakOB1 has started to use Aves Fixit to create his figures and the results have been mind blowing!

What I appreciate about this artist is his signature paint technique.  As soon as you see one of his figures, you know he was the one who made it.  He is one of the few artists I have ever seen who uses the Ralph McQuarrie paint technique to really make his figures stand out.  I love the way he paints his figures with well placed highlights to really compliment his sculpts.  Definitely check out the rest of this artist's work.  Even his work outside of Clone Wars is super cool.  You're bound to be as impressed as I am.  Check out the video slide show compilation I made of  his figures.  It's a great introduction to his work.

His figures are also featured on the Clone Wars Custom Action Figure page on Facebook:

Monday, January 27, 2014

"Clone Wars Obi-Wan Kenobi in Maul Mando Armor" created by Darth Daddy

So lately Dad has been trying his best to try and create as many Clone Wars characters from the remaining seasons into action figure form.  Dad says that everyone mourns loss differently, and I'm so glad that my Dad chose to cope with the loss in the way that he has.  There are so many characters that I wish made it to action figure form, and I know I'm not alone in thinking that.  Numerous collectors have echoed our sentiment calling for more Clone Wars action figures.  At home we have been hoping we'd see Hasbro release a few new action figures to commemorate the release of Clone Wars: The Lost Missions, but we aren't holding our breath.  The Clone Wars line has been dead for a few years now and although it was Hasbro's best selling Star Wars line, the chances of ever seeing a new Clone Wars action figure aren't very good.  This week a lot of Star Wars fan sites were stating that a Star Wars action figure subscription line would be a bad thing for collecting, but I can't help but think that a Clone Wars action figure subscription line might be our only chance of ever seeing this line continue in any way.  I know I'd buy more than one subscription if it ever happened.  Until then we only have a handful of customizers who can show us what could have been if the line continued.

With Hasbro always stating that Anakin and Obi-Wan action figures are their best selling figures, we could have easily seen Dad's latest action figure creation released if the Clone Wars action figure line had continued until the show had reached it's end.  Unfortunately the line was already canceled before this version of Obi-Wan ever made his debut in episodic form.  What a shame too, because I love the look of this figure.  I imagine this version of Obi-Wan Kenobi would have flown off the shelves.

The best part about this figure is that you get two characters for the price of one.  The way Dad made his figure, you get a Maul Mando and you get Obi-Wan in the Mando armor.  You can't beat that.  All Hasbro needed to do was use a slip on helmet or just include two heads.  I love that I can use the figure as two different characters. It's definitely the best part about this figure.

"Obi-Wan Kenobi 
in Maul Mando Armor"
created by Darth Daddy

Dad used the Death Watch Mandalorian body from the Mini-Rig set, because he liked the ball jointed wrists.


created by Darth Daddy

Featured on our Clone Wars custom action figure page:

Dad's Obi-Wan Kenobi was featured on the front page of Imperial Shipyards.