Monday, April 25, 2011


Just updated DAN OF THE DEAD's video on our "Customs I Wish Owned" page. The work of DAN OF THE DEAD was also featured in one of our earlier videos that Dad had made and he too has been really busy customizing since the original video was created. Like Luke Sprywalker, Dad was introduced to DAN OF THE DEAD when he started to post his first action figures on Dad was heavily influenced by Yak_Chewie, Luke Sprywalker and DAN OF THE DEAD when he was learning how to customize. The Yakface community was extremely supportive as we created this blog. We here at "Customs for the Kid" want to make sure the original customizers who helped establish the audience to our blog stay just as fresh as our newest additions. Therefore, we will try and make these older videos more current as we keep moving forward. DAN OF THE DEAD is our latest updated video and suffice to say with all his new material, it's even better than the last one.


DAN OF THE DEAD's action figures speak for themselves. Who wouldn't want these action figures? He always takes great photos of his action figures and gets an A+ in presentation. We love the occasional backstory that is attached to his figures and he also provides recipes for the action figures he creates. Not only is he an ace when it comes to customizing, but he's an accomplished blogger too. So after you check out this video make sure you take a spin over to his blog when it's done.


Click the links below for more of Dan the Dead:

Dad's "Luke Sprywalker" Video Featured on the Front Page of Imperial Shipyards

Dad's "Luke Sprywalker" Video Featured on the Front Page of Imperial Shipyards.

Sunday, April 24, 2011


Just updated Luke Sprywalker's video on our "Customs I Wish Owned" page. He was only the second video Dad ever made and Sprywalker has been really busy since it was created so we wanted to try and make his video more current. Luke Sprywalker has so many cool customs. He keeps putting out inspirational pieces one after another. Definitely one of our favorite customizers.

Luke Sprywalker
hails from another father and son customizing team. He has been displaying his customs since 2008 and has put out some great action figures. He did some really nice customs of the Rogue Squadron that are top notch and his speeder bike and Mandalorian is one of the best customs we've ever seen.

Jesus Wasn't the Only One Who Rose from the Dead on Easter!

Dad and I were just playing and we came up with a fun way to diversify our Zombie Geonosians. The limbs all pop apart very easily and the sockets were all the same size so we made a few Geonosian abominations to spice up our play.


Four legged Geonosian

Four armed Geonosian

Two fun non-permanent custom action figure creations .

Saturday, April 23, 2011

The Rodian Band - The Family Easter Project

This was a really fun project that Dad and I worked on together. I had a bunch of Rodian heads in our fodder box and had the idea to make a Rodian band and added a human female dancer to round out the mix. I did the kitbashing and Dad used some Apoxie Sculpt, a few fodder pieces and paint to differentiate them and make them stand out as individuals.

The Rodian Band were well known street musicians that could be found in Mos Eisley on Tatooine. A colorful bunch that could be found in the cantina after a long day spending their hard earned credits.

created by Elias and Darth Daddy

Captain Ryll, the band leader, could have been a huge star if it wasn't for spending all his profits on glitterstim. By the time he was performing on the streets of Tatooine, his ship had sailed and fame was no longer within his reach. He really loved his hat made of Wookiee fur that was quickly becoming the new up and coming fashion trend.

Blind Bob was a blind kloo horn player and longtime friend of Captain Ryll.

Dad modified the holster on the Greedo action figure so it could hold the drumsticks.

The human dancer Famligletti was a slave since childhood. She was won in a bet by Captain Ryll. His last dancer disappeared under mysterious circumstances and she filled the position at just the right time. Some people say Captain Ryll rigged the bet.

We painted everyone in Easter pastels.

Pinkeeata was Captain Ryll's girlfriend and co-founder of the band. They constantly fight, but Ryll knows that there are few people that can play the ommni box as well as she does, so he just always does what he can to keep her happy for the sake of the band.

Although Captain Ryll loves to bang the drum he prefers to stick to his bandfill on most of the group's songs.

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Thursday, April 21, 2011


SITHHAPPENS is a 39yr old who lives in North Carolina. He has been a Star Wars fan since he was five years old. He has been creating Star Wars custom action figures for about a year now. He was greatly inspired to create custom action figures when he saw the work of customizer Rundown and is further inspired by the work of the customizers found on He recently started a blog of Star Wars customs located at


To see more custom action figures created by SITHHAPPENS, you can go to his forum thread on Imperial Shipyards located here.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Qiraash Jedi

This is my Qiraash Jedi. I'm going to try and post a custom a week like Dad so you get more to see when you visit us. I made this action figure from the body of a CW Shaak Ti and a Leesub Sirlin head and hands. Dad helped me by painting the shoulders and neck so the paint stayed in the lines.

Hope you like her!

Qiraash Jedi

This is my Qiraash Jedi before I painted the hilt of her lightsaber.

Dad helped me by painting her shoulders and neck.

Dad's "Kaink: Ewok Priestess" on the Front Page of IMPERIAL SHIPYARDS

Dad's "Kaink: Ewok Priestess" on the Front Page of IMPERIAL SHIPYARDS

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Kaink: Ewok Priestess

Kaink was the Ewok priestess. She served as the guardian of the Soul Trees, and the village legend-keeper. She lived several miles away from the village where the Warrick family lived, leading a life of solitude and oneness with nature. Kaink carried a magical staff with a crystal on top. Kaink used her staff to emit a beam of mystical force when necessary, or at other times, to hypnotize animals. She accompanied the Ewok warriors on their mission to save Mace and Cindel Towani's parents.

It's unknown whether Kaink assisted Wicket and the other Ewoks in helping the Rebellion to defeat the Galactic Empire in the Battle of Endor.

To read more about Kaink visit Wookieepedia.


Dad tailored up an old sock that had no match to make the dress for Kaink and then painted the cloth the shade that he wanted.

Dad and I walked through the woods to find the perfect two sticks to use for the magical staff of Kaink. Dad wanted to make one green crystal staff and one white crystal staff.

He sculpted the jewelry out of Apoxy Sculpt and then painted it. He may use thread instead, but he hasn't decided yet.

Kaink with the white crystal staff.

Dad used real crystals in both of the staves.

The feather came from a G.I. Joe Zartan action figure.
(The Zartan that came with a falcon.)

Dad hated Hasbro's version of the figure and felt that it was ridiculous that they did not include any of Kaink's accessories. Dad made all the modifications to this figure so that the Hasbro action figure was not disturbed in any way but was properly accessorized.

Before I was born, Dad worked in the Education Department of a Native American museum. He taught me how to attach the crystal to the staff using earth skills that the human race has passed down from generation to generation.

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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Dad's "Captain Lux" Video Added to the Front Page of Imperial Shipyards

Dad's "Captain Lux" Video posted on the front page of IMPERIAL SHIPYARDS.

The Shipyards "Trash to Treasure Contest"

The Shipyards "Trash to Treasure Contest"
-- Posted by LukeSprywalker on Thursday, April 14 2011

Yes indeed hot off the heels of one of my favorite contest ever we are ready to put our members to a new challenge. In tough economic times every one can afford to get in on this one!

Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Damien, is a Star Wars Fan from Buenos Aires, Argentina. We know him at Imperial Shipyards as Captain Lux of the 327th Star Corps. He is 22 years old and started customizing about a year ago. He also draws and has been collecting manga and anime ever since he was 5 years old. His favourite saga movie is The Empire Strikes Back. Looking at his body of work one thing can certainly be said, "He likes the clones a lot!!!"


If you would like to see more custom action figures from
Captain Lux, look no further than this link.

Sunday, April 10, 2011


Before Oola, Jabba had quite a few dancers pass through his doors. These two dancers were by far his favorites. Togruta "Luv Li" and Clawdite "Mira Ya" were well known throughout the galaxy before finding their way to Jabba's Palace.

Luv Li was kidnapped as a young Togruta for her unique markings and sold on the black market in hopes that she would sell for a high price in the seedier edges of the galaxy. She quickly found her way to the home of the powerful aristocrat Prince Xizor. She was known to be one of his prized possessions. Her beauty was well known throughout the entire galaxy and she danced at all his most prestigious events. She was acquired by Jabba when Xizor was believed to be killed aboard the Faleen's Fist when Vader ordered the ship destroyed.

Mira Ya was no slave. In fact she was probably the most famous dancer of her day and was paid a considerable fortune for her performances at Jabba's Palace. While not appealing to the eye in her original form, she was well known for her mesmerizing dances and her ability to take any form while she danced. Mira Ya quickly became a household name and she had a long career performing in front of sold out crowds. She used her shape shifting ability to seduce and she was unmatched in that endeavor . Toward the end of her career, she did not have the draw she once did in her younger years, but still could still draw a sizable ticket price in the right circles.

Unfortunately both dancers were killed in crossfire as a result of a petty argument between two local thugs who were quickly fed to Jabba's rancor for their insolence.


The Clawdite dancer Mira Ya was made from a Slave Leia and a Zam Wesell Clawdite head. The hair was from a POTF2 Greeata.

Luv Li was created from a Slave Leia and a CW Shaak Ti.

These action figures were featured on Kessel Run Review in a skit with Dengar.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Dad's Pirate Swoop Bike: March 2011 Build Your Own Mini-Rig Contest Entry

Pirate Swoop Bike

It was a real labor of love. Dad easily put in more than 40 hours of work into this one. He made this speeder bike from an Operation Rex toy that he saw in Target on the day that the contest was announced. After that it was all fodder. An everything but the kitchen sink affair. Constructing it was an effort that was much enjoyed. He tried to make the mini rig toy he would have wanted the most when he was a kid. He would have preferred to make the vehicle heavily weathered, but I asked him to keep it brighter.

Dad sculpted most of the controls, spare the Vader control pad. He also sculpted the around grill and the front window. Oh... and the cushioned seating, yeah, that's sculpted too.

After that fodder galore. An A-team special if you will. A beater, clunker, jalopy, hooptie. Look at your fodder and see more than what the object was meant to represent and envision what it could become with a little imagination. The grill and window were made from a G.I. Joe radar dish Dad found in my fodder. The front axles were made from two yellow missiles and a Momaw Nadon staff that sculpted Apoxie Sculpt hydraulic shocks fastened to what once were guns that he can't identify, but we saw on Luke Sprywalker's incredibely cool contest entry. The nose of the speeder bike was made from a Hulk Battle Axe that is from the Hulk action figure everyone was turning into a Gamorean gladiator recently, as well as, a gold plastic mask that was in a fodder bag that we got on Ebay. The antennas at the rear are made from a Mas Ameda staff and the bottom of an Indiana Jones torch. Dad even attached the long white tube from a krazy glue container to the bottom and painted it purple to give the vehicle the shape that he wanted. Two hilts from the Prince of Persia toy line are attached to the front of the pod with removable swords. The Robonino backpack is removable and all his accessories are included and the vibroaxe is fastened with a clear rubber band. The tail fin is also unidentified fodder and is sculpted in place. The leg straps that hang down came from the guns that now hold the axle and nose in place. A pen was cut and painted to attach the missile to the bike and both the missile and pen cap are removable. A Mandolorian shield is at the rear. The engine and fire attached at the bottom are both adjustable as well as removable. After that it was all custom painted and dressed up .

The two custom action figures that may live out there days in Star Wars, but they were definitely created by a desire to have some Dreadnoks for Dad when I ask him to play with me. I have no interest in Joes, but the Dreadnoks were Dad's favorite action figures growing up. I think a lot of Dad's customs are influenced by his love for those action figures. Dad remembers when he got his first one , a Buzzer, as the toy was getting paid for at the counter he said his knees started to shake because he was so excited. The toy created involuntary responses in him!! Now that's toy making. The pirates of Star Wars are the Dreadnoks of Joe.

So the Driver was created from a Koffi Arana action figure, a Star Wars drummer that was in Jabba's Palace whose name we can't remember at the moment and fodder, fodder, fodder with an Apoxie Sculpt beard.

The Gunner was made from a Pirates of the Caribbean Marty action figure with Apoxie Scupt hair and a Vintage Yoda robe. Unfortunately, Dad dropped the gun he had for him behind the couch. He would look awesome hanging from those leg straps in numerous different configurations. He was made to hang about.

Pirate Swoop Bike

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