Saturday, October 30, 2010

Secret Santa: Take 1

So Dad and I recently entered ourselves in the Secret Santa over at It looked like loads of fun and if any of you customizers haven't been involved, I would definitely recommend doing so in in the future. Dad painted a C-3PO protocol droid with Christmas colors and finished this action figure last week. On Tuesday, we found out who we had to send the figure to and Dad realized that this customizer had an affection for a certain type of figure. So yesterday, in the spirit of Christmas, Dad made a brand new figure that he thinks will fit this customizer's tastes. I guess that means I get to keep Dad's Christmas droid. An early Christmas for me!


Monday, October 25, 2010

A Dress It Up Custom By Dad

So far all of our customs have relied on krazy glue or paint to create a finished product. This time Dad tried an easier approach. Take an extra action figure and dress it in different clothes to make a new figure. All it took was digging through our ziplock bag of clothing items and the right action figure. As an action figure for this custom, we chose Jedi Foul Moudama. Dad boiled him in our action figure boiling pot for about 10 minutes, popped off his arms and head so he could slip off his Jedi robe and then reassembled the action figure while he was still soft. We chose brown soft goods for his new clothing, so we kept on the shoes that he came with and gave him an electrostaff from our weapons fodder bag to create a new Talz action figure. Dad cut up a Shaak Ti skirt for his bottom and a Jedi skirt for the top as well.


Friday, October 22, 2010

My Custom Birthday Present

A few weeks ago was my birthday, and like last year, Dad made me a customized Star Wars gift. He recently made me into an action figure, but the drawback of the action figure was that it couldn't go into a Jedi Starfighter without ruining the paint job Dad had given it. So when my birthday came around, he provided me with a solution to my dilemma. A starfighter that could help me travel the Star Wars galaxy. To do this he modified a G.I. Joe vehicle and gave it a Star Wars feel.


Love the escape pod!!

X-Wing Astromech Droid

Dad painted the R2-D2 on this Vintage POTF X-Wing over a year ago to diversify my X-wing fleet. This may have been his "real" first custom come to think of it. Although back then, he didn't consider himself to be a customizer. I don't even think he knew what a customizer was back then.


Female Jedi Padawan


Dad did this one two weeks ago.

A very simple custom made from a Dragonball Z Bulma action figure and a Stass Allie body. The background makes it look cooler than it actually is, but that doesn't mean she isn't cool.

Blind Jedi Padawan

Dad made this custom after I went to bed last night. He's not crazy about it, but I like it a lot! I love the lightsaber staff.


"Dad wanted to lose the tattoo, but I liked it and wanted to keep it."

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Clone Cadets: Customized with Dad's Birthday Present

Dad just had his birthday, and as a present, I got him a DREMEL tool so he can make me even cooler customs. Our first two Clone Trooper Cadet customs were his first creation using the DREMEL tool. He grinded and sanded down the heads of two Boba Fett figures we had gotten from the "new" Toys R' Us Ultimate Battle Pack and created two different hairstyles on the figures. When he was done, he painted them up to make them look as they appear below.

A few years later, I made my own two Clone Cadets from resin cast heads that Dad created using a mold from a sanded down Boba Fett head. I used some Aves Fixit and some ProCreate to scukpt my two additions.


created by Customs for the Kid

Dad was going to give the one on the left a crew cut, but I asked him to make his hair look like Commander Gree instead.


Dad's Duros Jedi

Now, in all honesty, we have seen some much better Duros Jedi action figures made previously by other customizers. These figures had soft good clothing and most were super articulated, but sometimes as a customizer, you have to work with the materials you have on hand. So that's just what Dad did. He used the body of an Episode I Mace Windu action figure and the hands and head of an Ellorrs Madak action figure to create this custom. Dad admits it's not a great Duros Jedi custom, but when it comes down to it, I'd rather have a Duros Jedi action figure that not have one.


Monday, October 11, 2010

A Quick Custom by Dad

Dad made this custom on the fly with an Anakin Skywalker Episode I action figure and a Greeata action figure that was in our fodder box. The hair was removed from the Greeata when we got her, but Dad found a plastic crown in the fodder box and was able to create some of the signature Rodian spikes along the crest of the head with some scissors and krazy glue.


Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Calamari and Twi'lek Bounty Hunters

So yesterday, Dad and I walked through a local retailer and we saw the new "Iron Man 2" toys being displayed for sale to coincide with this week's DVD release of the movie. We grabbed two action figures while we were there with hopes of converting them into customs when we returned home. We have seen a lot of customs made of Star Wars action figures in mechanical suits and we decided it was worth taking a crack at doing two of our own. Dad dug into the fodder box and ended up creating a Calamari Bounty Hunter and a Twi'lek Bounty Hunter. Below are the results.