Friday, July 28, 2017


One of the best ways to spend my vacation this summer has been taking the time to create some of those action figures that I've always wanted.  During the school year, it is hard to tackle the more involved projects, so as soon as the last day of class rolls around, my mind starts to dream of all the toys I'd love to add to my shelves.  My latest figure was at the top of that list.  Many times I heard my dad say that he wanted to make this version of Ahsoka, but after watching the Zygerrian arc recently, I decided that I was going to beat him to it.

I remember a time when I never would have had the courage to take on such a monumental task, but after tackling my custom action figure of Riyo Chuchi, I had the confidence I could really create something special with this Ahsoka, and I couldn't be happier with my results.

To complete my goal, I sculpted onto the body of a Clone Wars Aayla Secura action figure as well as the head cast of the Clone Wars Scuba Ahsoka.  I switched out the feet of the Aayla Secura and swapped them for the feet of a Vintage collection Slave Leia.  

The skirt I fabricated with ProCreate that I rolled nice and flat with an old pickle jar that was sitting in our sink.  I wrapped the legs of the figure in saran wrap to prevent the ProCreate from sticking to the figure where I didn't want it to. 

I was always really intimidated by ProCreate because of the quick dry time. Especially since I consider myself to be only a beginner when it comes to sculpting.  It wasn't until I made the skirt on this figure that I gained a new appreciation for the sculpting medium. It has the same flexibility of soft rubber, which gave Ahsoka's legs all the range of motion that I desired without having to deal with the unruliness of soft goods, keeping the lines of Ahsoka's silhouette exactly the way I wanted them to look.

I want to give a special thanks to my dad who made Ahsoka's soft good cloak for me so I could post my figure today in time for the weekend.  I'm not sure I would have completed the project in time if it weren't for his help.  

This is by far one of my all-time favorite customs, and I haven't been this proud of myself in a really long time! Hope you all enjoy!

created by Elias

Monday, July 24, 2017



Clone Wars custom action figure artists, Peak-OB1 Custom Creations & Darth Daddy of "Customs for the Kid" are back to showcase Clone Wars custom action figures from Season 4 of The Clone Wars TV series episodes "Mercy Mission" & "Nomad Droids".

Sunday, July 23, 2017


Just tried out the "ARC Trooper Kit" from Kamino Casting to make us an ARC Trooper Echo from "The Clone Wars TV" series for our collection here at home. We figured we'd provide you with a quick tutorial on how to put the resin cast kit together and review the product. It was very positive review ;)

The kits come in both 3.75" and 6" scale. They are a great way to make ARC Trooper customs at a reduced cost. The original base figures are just too expensive on the secondary market to make customizing them practical.  These kits are the best solution to that problem!

created by Darth Daddy

 I photographed the "Echo" figure that was made with the resin kit next to a custom "Fives" figure that I made with the "Blitz" from the "The Clone Wars" line.

Order your ARC Trooper kits at this link:


Tuesday, July 18, 2017

"Customizer Spotlight" Update: Peak-OB1 Custom Creations

Recently we were contacted and offered an opportunity to add some very unique custom action figures from "The Box" episode of The Clone Wars TV series to our personal collection. The figures were created by Star Wars customizer Peak-OB1 Custom Creations. We already owned his first version of Derrown and recently acquired the Cad Bane action figure from the series of figures that these newest additions were a part of. We were really excited to put these up on the shelves alongside the others.

We hope to complete the entire set one day!

"Jakoli, Sixtat, Sinrich & Mantu"
created by Peak-OB1 Custom Creations

"Derrown & Cad Bane"
created by Peak-OB1 Custom Creations

Peakob1 on Facebook:

Sunday, July 9, 2017

Clone Wars "Shadow Warrior" Padmé Amidala created by Darth Daddy

Many would agree that collectors just didn't get as many versions of Padmé Amidala in the Clone Wars action figure line as we all would have liked.  Here at home we have been toying around with the idea of addressing that shortfall, so we recently made a mold of the first Padme Amidala action figure that we got in the toy line and made a mold of the head.  After, we poured a few resin casts from the mold we created, and wallah, a limitless supply of Padmé heads we could turn into any version of her from the show that we desired.

For our first run at the character, we went for the low hanging fruit.  With us covering "Shadow Warrior" this week for our YouTube show "Customizing The Clone Wars", we jumped at the chance at making Padmé in the Naboo garb that we saw her wear in "The Phantom Menace".  We painted up one of the head casts we made, and then used the figures Hasbro has already produced as a frame to add our painted head to.  We weren't sure if we liked the body of the Phantom Menace figure better, or the 2012 version that came out more recently. Let us know your preference in the comment section below!

The Clone Wars
"Shadow Warrior" Padmé Amidala  
created by Darth Daddy


Clone Wars custom action figure artists, Peak-OB1 Custom Creations & Darth Daddy of "Customs for the Kid" are back to showcase Clone Wars custom action figures from Season 4 of The Clone Wars TV series episode "Shadow Warrior".

Saturday, July 8, 2017


Not sure about all of you, but we had to grab a second Jyn Erso action figure from when she was disguised as an Imperial Flight crew member just so we could make this custom version of Jyn.  Only a slight helmet modification was needed to show Jyn's face through the helmet like she appeared in the film.  Grab your sharpest razor blade and with some parent supervision, slice away the thin bit of rubber to show Jyn's eyes when she wears the helmet.

We grabbed some "Death Star Walls" from a kit that Star Wars customizer, Thank The Maker, recently offered for sale on his eBay page. It's a cheap way to dress up your shelf displays.  They are perfect for photo shoots! I have a feeling we'll be using them in many photo shoots to come.  We were able to paint and assemble the kit in only a day. It can be a great craft project to entertain kids on a rainy day too!  We love these walls for their versatility. You can build them out however you like!

by Customs for the Kid

 Our custom pictured next to Hasbro's version of Jyn.

Our glued panels held in place to dry. Just before paint was added.