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Mark Telfer, is a 42 year old Star Wars customizer from Edinburgh, Scotland where he lives with his loving wife, and 7 year old daughter who likes to join in his painting activities. Although imaginative as a kid, he never knew what I wanted to be when I grew up, at 42 he can safely say that he still doesn’t. In fact if you could see his Star Wars collection you may argue that he has never really grown up. He originally started towards a career in football with a local Edinburgh club Hibernian, but unfortunately experienced several injuries, which still trouble him today, and had to forgo his dream. He later found himself working in banking, for 20 years now, which was more through necessity rather than by design. Mark hasn’t really complained, while not very satisfying, it afforded him a happy life with his family.

As a kid born in 1972, Mark spent a good portion of his life with Star Wars than without, something that many generations since thankfully also share. He attended each of the 6 films with much anticipation and was lucky enough to attend local 1st day releases for each. The arrival of his early bird mail away figures remains a happy memory. Today, he owns a massive 3 ¾" collection and blossomed into a new hobby… customizing. 

He’s collected 3 ¾” figures since childhood, from Episode IV to date, encompassing Vintage, POTF, Prequels, Clones, Rebels and most likely onwards. He’s managed to hold onto most of his collection, although he sold a near mint Vintage Blue Snaggletooth and carded Lando General when he needed some money. He admits a slight tinge of regret regarding the two figures sold. 

Balancing full-time work, raising a young family and coping with an illness, Mark wanted to find something to distract him that he could be passionate about. With his love for collecting Star Wars figures, Mark decided he could take on customizing action figures as his new past time. So for the past year, Mark has been visiting and reading websites dedicated to customizing. Through the many fantastic sites out there, Mark discovered a thriving community. 

Since then Mark has been gathering fodder, fabrics, epoxy putty, molding kits, paints and tools over the past year. Roughly one year into his new hobby, Mark ventured outside of just repainting figures and has worked his way into part swaps, and hard sculpting. Because Mark just got his start, he doesn't feel particularly good in any one discipline, but continues to persevere. He prefers to work with fodder from damaged figures, since he doesn’t have the heart to dismantle a perfectly good figure. 

He doesn’t plan his figures out too much, he just rakes through his fodder and uses his imagination. He always tries to look out for things around the home which can be re-cycled and repurposed for his new hobby. 

In March this year, Mark was invited along with Rebel Allegiance UK member Keith Armour, designs Clone Trooper armor, to Edinburgh local FM radio ‘CastleFM’ for a show dedicated to Star Wars movies and collecting. He’s currently in discussions to continue this program through podcasts, which should be fun.

Star Wars Custom Action Figures
created by Mark Telfer

Mark's website:

Mark Telfer was also featured in this week's Darth Daddy's Customizing Corner over at The Star Wars Underworld.

Friday, June 19, 2015

"Kanan Jarrus in Stormtrooper Commander Disguise" by Darth Daddy

In anticipation of tomorrow night's Season 2 premiere of Star Wars Rebels, we performed a quick head swap with the Kanan Jarrus head and the Stormtrooper Commander head to make the version of Kanan that was on display in the Season Two trailer.  We then hollowed out the bucket with our Dremel so he could wear it.  It was a quick custom that helped us thin out our huge pile of Kanan Jarrus action figures that were accumulating around the house.

created by Darth Daddy



created by DARTH DADDY:

C1-10P aka CHOPPER
with Accessories


Zeb's Extended Bo-Rifle

Zeb's Bo-Rifle Modification

Sabine Wren

Inquisitor Lightsaber Modifications

Agent Kallus

Zare Leonis

Tank Transport Pilot

Saturday, June 13, 2015

RebelForce Radio and Customs for the Kid: "Star Wars Smuggler's Bounty" Custom Action Figure Contest


Jimmy McInerney (Jimmy Mac) and Jason Swank of RebelForce Radio are once again teaming up with the "Customs for the Kid" blog to host a "Star Wars: Smuggler’s Bounty" custom action figure contest to commemorate the "Star Wars: Smuggler’s Bounty", the radio drama that was recorded live at Celebration Anaheim.  The radio drama is based on an original script by Kyle Newman and F.J. DeSanto. "Star Wars: Smuggler’s Bounty" was directed by Kyle Newman (Fanboys) and produced by Jimmy “Mac” McInerney of RebelForce Radio, who whipped up over 100 sound effects and music cues that were blasted live onstage alongside some of the best Star Wars voice actors around today live to a packed audience of diehard fans at Star Wars Celebration Anaheim.   The last custom action figure contest that was held for "Star Wars: Smuggler's Gambit" was a huge success, so this one is sure to be fun for all involved.  Show us what you can do!  

First time customizers are greatly encouraged to jump in on the fun. We want as many entries as possible. This is an ALL AGES event. 


-All custom action figure entries must be of characters that appear in the Star Wars radio drama "Smuggler's Bounty". Custom action figures can be in any scale. 

-Participants are encouraged to submit as many entries as they wish. Please include 1 - 4 photos per custom action figure submitted (Front, Back, Left, and Right). 

-Photoshop manipulations such as glowing lightsabers and blaster fire will not be accepted. We want the focus to be on the customs and not on their digital enhancement. 

-Include your email, name, and mailing address, with your entry. 

-All photo entries must be sent to the following email address: with the Subject line "Smuggler's Bounty Customs".

Notice that nowhere in the rules does the contest say that it has to be a "brand new" custom. If you made a custom years ago that appeared in the "Smuggler's Bounty" story just enter it. It only takes a few seconds to email a few pictures. Especially if you have already photographed it. SHOW US YOUR STAR WARS ART!

Make sure your picture(s) are attached in your email and all the contest's rules have been complied with before you send your email.


Jimmy McInerny, Jason Swank, Kyle Newman, F.J. DeSantoPaul BatemanSam Witwer, and David Collins.


"The Force Awakens" Teaser Poster, Official Star Wars 8x10's, Star Wars Hot Wheel Cars, and several Black Series 3 3/4" figures (Boushh Leia, Commander Wolffe, Han Carbonite, and Mosep Binneed).


August 31, 2015

All photo entries must be sent to the following email address: with the Subject line "Smuggler's Bounty Customs"

Monday, June 8, 2015

"How to Apply Waterslide Decals" by Galactic Plastics

Hole In the Ground Productions has some exciting new products...

For those active in fan forums, you’re probably already familiar with the awesome custom diorama pieces that Hole In the Ground Productions creates, and offers to fellow collectors. He specializes in obscure items that some may overlook, but these things are just too cool to not be part of any Star Wars 3.75″ collection.

Robot Flipper

This five piece kit allows you to hold a PLNK Droid and flip it upside down. With very slight modifications you can add onto it with existing figure accessories (not sold with kit). Please contact us if you are unsure that it will work with your figures. Includes assembly instructions. $15

Ball Speeder

Small one person spacecraft or speeder. Measures approximately 4.5 inches diameter. It comes as an unpainted 8 piece easy to assemble kit. Features a removable top with pilot seat inside for one figure. Also a small recess made to fit one of our ammo crates (sold separately). Includes decal sheet and instructions. (Does not include decals for stripes) $45