Friday, September 27, 2013


created by Pulpy Fiction

Pulpy Fiction from Brantford, Ontario has a signature style when it comes to customizing his 6" Star Wars custom action figures. His work looks as if it just jumped off the page of a beautiful comic book. He is remarkably skilled. This is an artist you will want to watch. Not only can he paint his awesome creations with great precision but he can create tailor made soft goods to dress them in. His sculpts of Chewbacca and Boba Fett are just jaw dropping and his photos look like they could adorn the cover of an old pulp novel. If his future projects look as eye catching as these figures, we have one very cool journey ahead of us.   He still has many projects on the way, and I mean MANY.


created by Pulpy Fiction




Wednesday, September 25, 2013


Parental Supervision Required. Take the upper torso of the Young Anakin Darth Vader from that Target 2 pack and swap it with the Vintage Darth Vader with the ball jointed hips and call it a day.  I boiled both figures in hot water and then when the plastic the figures are made of got soft enough I swapped the torsos switching out the lower fabric as well.  Figures will be hot and you can definitely burn yourself.  I advise letting the excess water completely drain off the soft goods before attempting to touch the figure even with your oven mitts on.  

I like this project because it takes only a few minutes to create.  I need to grab one more of the Vintage Vaders so I can do an Episode VI removable helmet Vader with ball jointed hips and the Sebastian Shaw likeness.

created by Darth Daddy

Vader with the Hayden Christensen head sculpt.


Dad's Darth Vader custom action figure was featured on the front page of Imperial Shipyards.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Star Wars Custom Action Figure YouTube Videos

We saw these videos and thought you all might enjoy them too. Casting Cave sounds like a cool place to look into if you need parts casted.  The Obi-Wan Kenobi in Mandalorian Armor video just got me to part this figure out, although I'm going to go Clone Wars style. 

CUSTOMIZER SPOTLIGHT UPDATE: "DROIDS" action figures created by Peakob1

We just updated our Customizer Spotlight archive page.  I picked up two of these action figures pictured below in an eBay auction and the other two I got directly from the source. Peakob1 had recently updated his Mungo Baobab action figure and sold us his original when Dad commissioned Peakob1 to make us a Jord Dusat to go with the Thall Joben and Kea Moll we won in an auction. I'm really happy that I have some custom action figures from the Droids cartoon now too. Especially ones that fit in so well with the rest of my collection.

"DROIDS" action figures
created by Peakob1

created by Peakob1

"Thall Joben, Jord Dusat & Kea Moll"
created by Peakob1

"Jann Tosh"
created by Peakob1

Peakob1 Custom Creations on Facebook:

Sunday, September 22, 2013

"Diva Shaliqua" created by Darth Daddy

Diva Shaliqua was a half-Theelin singer originally in the custody of Ingoda the Hutt. Named for the elite group of Theelin singers, Shaliqua's parents were killed while she was still a child, but she continued to serve her master until custody over her was transferred to Jabba Desilijic Tiure, Ingoda's business rival. Jabba would take her to varied public events, such as the podraces of Mos Espa, on the planet Tatooine. At one of these gatherings, Shaliqua met gambler Romeo Treblanc, who was actually the owner of Coruscant's Galaxies Opera House.  

Though Treblanc suffered a great financial loss at the Boonta Eve Podrace of 32 BBY, he took a great deal of interest in the half-Theelin, seeing that she had untapped singing talent. When he had recuperated his losses in the following year, he purchased Shaliqua from Jabba, and took her back to Coruscant, where he hoped she would perform as an opera singer in his theater. Shaliqua, however, did not know of Treblanc's intent, and instead decided to rob him, before escaping his custody. Keeping a low profile, she made a living singing at various nightclubs in Coruscant's less reputable districts.


Head - Casted Plourr Ilo with sculpted hair
Arms and torso - Vintage Slave Leia (with sculpted modifications)
Legs - Indiana Jones Marion Ravenwood
Feet - Rystall Sant


 "Diva Shaliqua" 
created by Darth Daddy


Diva Shaliqua in Star Wars - Episode I: The Phantom Menace.

 Here she is with the green screen behind her during the film's production.

The Enloe Trials: Chapter IV – Shadow of Death


The latest installment in The Enloe Trials Photonovel Series is here… in this new adventure, Rykrof Enloe and his comrades face death at every turn as they seek an ancient Sith artifact on Dathomir.

It’s a race against time and countless dangers in Chapter IV – Shadow of Death – check it out after the jump!

Monday, September 16, 2013

Customizer Spotlight #34: Shaka's Customs aka munchkins2005

This is a cool looking Star Wars custom action figure that we saw on eBay and wanted to add to my collection.  This is a character from Shaka Customs original line, Star Wars The Lost Files: Bluestunie. 

Bluestunie is Rappertunie's father, and one of the original members of Jabba's band.  We use this figure as a street musician in one of our Tatooine street scenes.

Shaka's Customs started by trimming some plastic from the shoulders, and head of a Rappertunie action figure.  Then he built the hair, re-sculpted his head, and a gave the figure a full paint job including his seat and instrument.

Shaka's Customs is a seasoned veteran over at Figure Realm.   He has created toys from several toy lines, so you should definitely check out the links below to see more of his work. 

created by Shaka's Customs aka munchkins2005

To go to the eBay page for munchkins2005 go to the link below:

Also check out Shaka's Customs on Figure Realm:

Sunday, September 8, 2013

CAFN Episode 59: Galactic Merchants

CAFN Episode 59: Galactic Merchants

Wow, what a great podcast Custom Action Figure News had with Casey, lead designer for Galactic Merchants: creators of the great new Space Station and Space Cruiser Action Figure Display Dioramas for your 3 3/4" figures. Needless to say they covered the ins and outs of these great new diorama offerings, covered just a ton of member questions, and even talked about future action figure display dioramas. Lets just say we were left just as excited, if not more so, after the interview than we started out being.

If you haven't seen the brand new and improved CAFN Page yet, be sure to give it a look.

Go here to listen to the Custom Action
Figure News podcast: 

If there is anything you would like them to feature on a future podcast be sure to let them know at:

TheBudjetJedi Does It Again - Foam Noodle Wampa Cave Diorama