Wednesday, August 31, 2011


As you know Dad likes to introduce our audience to quick and easy modifications that they can make to their existing action figures to spruce things up a bit. These two action figures are no different.


We really loved Hasbro's new VOTC Barriss Offee action figure, but she didn't have a very battle ready appearance. But by accessorizing her by combining parts from the Star Wars Saga 2002 Collection 2: Attack of the Clones #12 Barriss Offee [Jedi Padawan] and a few accessories from the new CW Barriss Offee, we were able to create the Ultimate Barriss Offee with an interchangeable head sculpt, a short cloak to go with the existing hood, and a battle action cloak too. Dad is planning on adding an interchangeable right hand so I can keep using the magnet hand from the Star Wars Saga 2002 Collection 2: Attack of the Clones #12 Barriss Offee also.

She looks a lot more battle ready now.

Dad loved the head sculpt of the original Barriss and wanted to come up with a way to show off the hair of the action figure in his Ultimate edition.

With an Exacto knife Dad cut of the head of the AOTC Barriss and then used a drill and Dremel to give the head the ability to snap securely onto the neck post of the VOTC figure and have full articulation.

With all these accessories a lot of variations could be produced to enhance play.


VOTC Barriss Offee

Star Wars Saga 2002 Collection 2:
Attack of the Clones #12 Barriss Offee
[Jedi Padawan]


with Articulated Knees

Dad boiled the original Saga 2 Sora Bulq action figure to remove his unarticulated legs and replaced them with the CW Eeth Koth legs instead. By boiling the two action figures in hot water for about 5 minutes, the plastic was soft enough to swap out the legs of the figure. Dad read that JACKOFTRADZE used the same technique with the legs of a Kit Fisto from the Target Geonosis 2-pack. Dad didn't have one in our fodder so Eeth Koth had to step in to make it happen. Dad at some point would like to replace the hard goods skirt with a soft good skirt when he finds a suitable replacement.


Saga 2 Sora Bulq


Dad's "Ultimate Barriss Offee" was featured on the front page of Imperial Shipyards.


Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Dad wants to apologize to everyone for falling behind on our "Customs I Wish I Owned" postings. No need to worry, we have plenty of new customizers on the way for you all to check out. Dad has four new artists that he is waiting to introduce you all to in the weeks to come.

We also have a lot of new pieces to feature in our "Customizer Spotlight" with Star Wars custom action figures created by customizers Luke Sprywalker, Peakob1, Sillof, Omar Rivera, and two new additions created by kr2700/SWK Kustoms and Wraithnine who have been featured before in the "Spotlight".

To hold you all over, Dad just updated the video for Stronox in our "Customs I Wish I Owned" archives. Check out what he has been working on since Dad completed his last video.


Stronox is a 33 year old nurse from Pennsylvania. When he isn't parenting, he's either customizing figures, drawing, painting, reading, collecting toys, or gaming.


You can get to the blog for Stronox by clicking the link below:

You can see more Stronox by clicking the link below:

Go to his ebay sales page:

Dad's "Stronox" video featured on the front page of Imperial Shipyards.


Kitonak Gladiator

created by Darth Daddy

Dad used a Marvel Skaar action figure for the body and a Droopy McCool head and hands to complete this action figure.

He liked the tattoos on the original figure so he incorporated the design into the figure.

Dad's tribute figure to Dan of the Dead's "Fez Xik" action figure. If it weren't for Dan's "Princess Bride" themed action figure, Dad would have never thought to create a Kitonak of such size.


The two gladiators a week before their battle.

These two gladiators fought together as a team in many battles and were always victorious. It was said that watching them work together to defeat their opponents was like seeing a ballet. They acted with such precision that they easily took apart even the biggest of threats. With a lack of worthy opponents, it was only a matter of time before they would have to meet each other face to face in battle. Surprisingly, when the Kitonak gladiator defeated his Gamorrean friend, the crowd actually granted the Gamorrean mercy for the showing that the two had put on that day. Their meeting in the arena was so sensational that the story was passed down in Geonosian history for generations to come. It would be the only time these two would face each other in fact. They fought together as a team for years after the memorable event took place, but just around the time when the crowd was getting hungry for a rematch, the two both disappeared overnight. It's said outside of Geonosis... that on that night, the two defeated their most challenging opponent ever...the life of being slave, and with their escape... together, they won, their freedom. Searches were made, but they were never found, making one wonder if they ever escaped at all.


Dad's "KITONAK GLADIATOR" featured in Echo Base News' "Customizer Spotlight"

Monday, August 29, 2011

Kessel Run Review - Season 1 & 2 Commercials

Can't wait for Season 3 of the Kessel Run Review!! This will have to hold us over.

Look for Dad's two "Jabba Dancer" customs as you watch.


Sunday, August 28, 2011


Here is a video showcasing more progress on the Geonosian gladiator action figures that Dad is working on. He took some pictures that show how Tank separates into two different vehicles, one being airborne. He also did the sculpting work on Blade, and took a few pictures of the progress. He included a finished Kitonak Gladiator that he finished today so you all will get something new that you haven't seen thrown into the video too.

Kitonak Gladiator
created by Darth Daddy

Action figures created by Darth Daddy

Geonosian Gladiators
(Work In Progress Pictures)

Dad's Gladiator action figures featured on the front page of Imperial Shipyards.


Dad's Kitonak Gladiator was inspired by Dan of the Dead's "Fez Xik - THE GIANT" action figure pictured above.

Click the link below for more of Dan the Dead:

Wednesday, August 24, 2011


After Dad finished making me the Gamorrean Gladiator he decided that to get the most use of my Geonosian Battle Arena playset, he should make me a few gladiators to really get the games going. Unfortunately, the figures are all work in progress figures, but a few look good enough to show what we have so far. Hopefully we can show you all the finished pictures when he's done. In the meantime check out what he's got.

created by Darth Daddy

Dad feels close to finished on this one. He just wants to add facial hair with Apoxie Sculpt so he looks less like the Even Piell action figure that he came from.

created by Darth Daddy

This action figure just needs some detailing on the paint applications finished up and Dad needs to take pictures that illustrate how the top part of the figure separates to become a flying vehicle and tank.

This character was nothing but a torso after his last battle in the arena. This droid has been fused with numerous gladiators throughout its history. Anytime a gladiator loses a leg or two in battle, it's very likely that you will see them appearing as Tank at a future event. Geonosians get their moneys worth from their gladiators.

The Tank's side guns are removable.

Tank can get airborne when he launches of his tread base.

created by Darth Daddy

Only a few little touch-ups are needed to finish this one up.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Hi everybody. We were talking to Peakob1 recently, and he informed us that he is slowing down his collecting and customizing to a snails pace due to an upcoming move and he will consider selling any of his customs to any interested buyers. He has always been a favorite customizer in our house and we recently acquired some of his customs for our own collection. We can say if any bids are placed, they can be made with confidence. You are truly getting a superior product as far as as Star Wars custom action figures go and his body of work is about as cool as it comes.

Check the link below to see a collection of his work:

Here's the link to his first ebay auction for Durchee the Ewok:

Tuesday, August 16, 2011


At the beginning of this year we saw a lot of customizers taking advantage of combining the Vintage Gamorrean Guard with Marvel Universe Series 3 World War Hulk Action Figure. Both JACKOFTRADZE and Von Reinhardt put out variations on the figure and we know there were several more customizers who tackled the project also. When we saw fellow customizers results, we knew we wanted one too.

Knowing that the Vintage Ga
morrean Guard was hard to come by this year, Dad didn't have the heart to cannibalize the figure to make his custom Gamorrean Gladiator action figure. He did have the heart to use parts from the POTF version though. Dad cut off the head of the figure and used the Dremel to make a hole in the head to make it ball jointed. All he had to do from there was paint the head to match the body.

created by Darth Daddy

Click on the pictures to zoom in.

His first time in the arena, this gladiator is about to earn his first battle scars.

If he lives that is...

Dad painted the back of the action figure's head with a chainmail colored paint to make his headwear appear metallic.

I bet you Marvel collectors are hating us Star Wars customizers for the reduced number of World War Hulk figures on the pegs.

Guess he's going to have to wait until his next challenge to earn those scars.


Rancor Slayer created by Von Reinhardt.

Rancor Slayer created by JACKOFTRADZE.

The first Gamorrean Gladiator custom action figure I ever saw was created by customizer Dan Curto which also used the head of a POTF Gamorrean Guard action figure with the body of an EXTREME SOLDIERS action figure.


Dad's "Gamorrean Gladiator" featured in Echo Base News' "Customizer Spotlight!"

Dad's "Gamorrean Gladiator" featured on the front page of Imperial Shipyards.