Wednesday, June 21, 2023

Darth Daddy Paints PeakOB1 Custom Creations Prints Pt. 1

Last week, Dad received a message from our good friend, PeakOB1 Custom Creations who accidentally customized his only TCW El Les action figure and was in need of a replacement. Since most customizers hoard action figure fodder, he reached out to us to see if we had an extra El Les figure we would send his way. As soon as Dad got home from work that night he was able to find a complete El Les action figure sitting in a Ziploc bag and mailed it out the very next morning. As a thank you, PeakOB1 sent us some of the coolest resin prints that he had designed with ZBrush on his home computer.

The box arrived this past Saturday and Darth Daddy spent his Father's Day painting up two of the prints.

The first one Dad worked on was a "Return of the Jedi" Wam Lufba action figure. This was a character we had waited a longtime to add to our collection. The sculpt was beautiful and took Dad only about 4 hours to paint. While Wam "Bam' Lufba was one of the more Muppet-looking characters created for the film, Dad did a nice job giving him a gritty paintjob that helped him fit alongside Jabba's other denizens.

Dad also added an elastic fabric strap to the gun to complete the look.

After Dad completed the first figure, Dad then took another hour to paint up one of the four Loth-Cats that came in the package. Dad made the white Loth-Cat from "Star Wars Rebels" admiring all the articulation that was packed into the design.

We were really excited to add these two new pieces to our collection displays and we are looking forward to showing you all some of the other cool pieces that PeakOB1 sent our way. Keep an eye out for Pt. 2!

sculpt by Peak-OB1 Custom Creations
painted by Darth Daddy

sculpt by Peak-OB1 Custom Creations
painted by Darth Daddy

Ezra Bridger custom action figure created by SWK Kustoms.

Sunday, June 18, 2023

"STAR WARS: THE FORCE UNLEASHED" SHAAK TI created by Elias of "Customs for the Kid"

This version of Shaak Ti is from the once popular video game "Star Wars: The Force Unleashed". Shaak Ti served as a Jedi General during the Clone Wars. She fought in many battles, even a fight against the deadly General Grievous. Later when Darth Vader attacked the Jedi Temple, she managed to escape and fled from planet to planet until she finally landed on Felucia.
Exile on Felucia

The Jedi Master struggled to survive Felucia's harsh environment and eventually made contact with the native population living amid the dense fungi jungles. She established a rapport with the Force-sensitive Felucians and began training their shamans in specific powers to help them oppose Imperial troops and minions of Vader who were hunting down the Jedi and seeking to eradicate the native Force users on the planet. While wandering the galaxy in search of other Jedi, Shaak Ti discovered the scared and confused Zabrak Padawan, Maris Brood. Master Ti was initially reluctant to take Maris as her apprentice; she had already trained two padawans in her career, only to see both of them killed by criminals shortly after their graduation to knighthood. However, Shaak Ti sensed that Maris was tormented by her hatred for Vader and spirited her away to the lush fungus planet Felucia. Shaak Ti later became a respected Felucian Chieftain, commanding tribes of Force sensitive natives, teaching them to control their abilities, hoping they could defend Maris, should Darth Vader find her, and thus also prevent the barbaric warriors from slipping to the influence of the Dark Side.
Duel with Starkiller

Vader instructed Starkiller to prove himself by killing Shaak Ti. Starkiller was sent to Felucia, in order to find her. This was Starkiller's final test, before he and Darth Vader, would attempt to overthrow Palpatine. By fighting Shaak Ti, Starkiller would face his greatest challenge. The Rogue Shadow was spotted as it reached Felucia's surface, and Shaak Ti mobilized the Felucian forces and sent Maris Brood to hide at the Rancor Graveyard. After killing his way through Felucians and rancors, Starkiller finally encountered the Jedi Master at the Ancient Abyss; a place of sacrifice for the Felucians, in reality the only known Mega Sarlacc pit.

Starkiller eventually found Shaak Ti, who was meditating and waiting patiently. She welcomed Vader's assassin and informed him of the Ancient Abyss and its nature. As she said this, the two Force users entered into a deadly duel.

The battle began with Starkiller trying to throw objects at the Jedi Master, but Shaak Ti easily blocked his attack, and lunged at the young Sith apprentice. She summoned numerous Felucian warriors to attack Starkiller, whom he was able to defeat. Starkiller and Shaak Ti were both surprised and impressed by the other's powers and skills. The fight progressed around the sarlacc's center rings, where blow met counter blow. Starkiller barely blocked Shaak Ti's rapid strikes.

Their duel moved onto the moving tentacles of the sarlacc. Shaak Ti launched a final attack consisted of three blows, that partially found their mark. The third blow would have skewered his right eye had he not held Shaak Ti back at the last minute with a desperate telekinetic block that stopped her lightsaber. However, the Jedi Master's final attack failed and Starkiller sent her flying back into the sarlacc's tendrils. Once there, Starkiller used Force lightning to attack both the creature and Shaak Ti together. Shaak Ti fell to the ground, mortally wounded.

Dying, Shaak Ti told Starkiller that he was a slave to Vader, and that his power was wasted on him. Starkiller refused to believe her words and said that she would never turn him against his master. A pitiful look fell upon Shaak Ti, and, dying, she uttered a fateful prophecy, and told the young man that the Sith always betrayed one another, and that only Starkiller could choose his path. She then purposely fell into the pit and conceded her defeat. Just as she began her plummet, Starkiller, for reasons unknown even to himself, extended his arm to catch her. Starkiller hastily reached for her, but she was already gone. At the second of her death, some form of blue light and sound similar to that of Palpatine's first death occurred. With her death, the world of Felucia fell into darkness.

This action figure is 100% sculpted and even has handcrafted soft goods. The head I sculpted on my laptop, printed it and then hand painted my design. For the body, I took a 3.75" Black Series Jyn Erso that I completely sanded down with a Dremel. I extended the lower legs to give the figure a little more height. Once I took away all the unwanted plastic and she was sanded smooth, I then sculpted in all the anatomical forms, jewelry, clothing, accessories, and bandaging. The fabric below the waist of the figure was hand cut, stained and painted.

created by Elias of "Customs for the Kid"

Word is these two Jedi's deaths were retconned in the comic "Doctor Aphra #32". We won't know for sure until next issue though.

Hasbro version vs. "Customs for the Kid" version

Friday, June 9, 2023


This action figure was a 3D resin printed model that we purchased from Angry Raccoon Miniatures and Dad painted up. Angry Raccoon Miniatures has been making so many incredible additions to the Star Wars Rebels action figure line that are so well done that they are hard to pass up. Especially since the Rebels action figure line was so devastatingly underserved. 

Thankfully, we have plenty more Angry Raccoon Miniatures models to paint. We are hoping to add a few more to our collection display shelves throughout this year. What characters from Rebels did you want to see made?

Sculpt by Angry Raccoon Miniatures
painted by Darth Daddy

Grand Inquisitor custom action figure created by SWK Kustoms.

Grand Inquisitor custom lightsaber modification by Darth Daddy


Friday, June 2, 2023


Hasbro has released several versions of Aayla Secura over the years, but I feel they still have yet to create a definitive one.  With a fresh coat of paint on the 2012 Vintage Collection Aayla Secura figure, I was finally able to capture her likeness. This was a super simple personal project I squeezed in between my commissions, but it was well worth the effort!  With all the super ambitious projects I’ve been doing for clients lately, it was nice to make a simpler figure.

I started by completely covering her skin in a coat of navy blue.  I dry brushed a rich teal over that, and then hand painted layers of highlights over that.  I chose to highlight her with shades of yellow to contrast the blue and really make it pop. For her clothing, I completely painted everything dark brown, and then hand painted the highlights and details to bring the textures to life.

My favorite thing about this project is that with enough patience, a good brush, and the right paints, this is something anyone can do.

painted by Elias