Saturday, June 29, 2013

Yakfinities Deadline Approaching

Customizers have until 11:59pm CST June 30 to submit an entry for Yakfinities #48 – The Clone Wars. Entries can be realistic or animated style for this, and should be in the spirit of the Clone Wars theme.  Head on over to the forums to submit your entry, or to enjoy the most recent entries by clicking here.

Thursday, June 27, 2013


created by Wraithnine

Well I had to update our Customizer Spotlight when I added D-Squad to my collection thanks to the "Astromech King". Yes, Star Wars customizer Wraithnine recently created the five-member droid squad formed by the Galactic Republic during the Clone Wars, that consisted of QT-KT, U9-C4, R2-D2, M5-BZ, and Corporal WAC-47. Led by Colonel Meebur Gascon, D-Squad was sent to steal an encryption module from a Providence-class carrier/destroyer. This fun group appeared on Star Wars: The Clone Wars in the following episodes: "Secret Weapons", "A Sunny Day in the Void", "Missing in Action" and "Point of No Return". These episodes were a lot of fun to watch. These figures are really special to me because I was interviewed on the Voice of the Republic podcast with Dad the same night voice actor Ben Drisdin (WAC-47) was interviewed and I got to talk with Ben that night.  WAC-47 was my favorite character from those episodes and it's really cool that I was able to add this whole set of droids to my collection.

& Colonel Meebur Gascon
created by Wraithnine

created by Wraithnine

created by Wraithnine

created by Wraithnine

created by Wraithnine

created by Wraithnine

You can see more custom action figures from Wraithnine here on Imperial Shipyards:

Wraithnine has a channel on Youtube under the name of Rasputin37 that you can find here:

He posts as Wraithnine on here:

Wraithnine's D-Squad was featued in's "Customizer Spotlight".

Dad's video of Wraithnine's D-Squad was featured on the front page of Imperial Shipyards.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Abyssin Smuggler Custom Action Figure

Dad made this action figure in under 2 hours.  He grabbed a Myo head cast that we got from Star Wars customizer SithHappens and used Green Stuff (Kneadadite) to sculpt the hair and beard onto the cast.  Then Dad only had to paint the head.  He said he was thinking about ideas for large alien sidekicks like Chewbacca for future Star Wars films when he came up with this design.  I asked him to keep the green streaks in the hair and he agreed it was a nice touch.  Dad said when he has the chance he wants to paint more detail into his eye.

The body is from a Captain America Crossbones action figure.

Abyssin Smuggler
created by Darth Daddy

Imperial Shipyards Announces a New Custom Action Figure Contest - Ultimate Action Figure Build Off!

Announcing the Ultimate Action Figure Build Off! That is right, Imperial Shipyard's upcoming contest is sure to challenge everyone to go all in. Pick your favorite character from any verse and make the ultimate version of them. Take a look at Sideshow or Hot Toys figures with multiple hands, alternate head sculpts, lots of accessories and so on. They also want to see a small base or mini diorama made to compliment the figure. 3 3/4 inch figures only to maintain a level playing field. This must be an all new creation so no figures that have been seen before on the web even in WIP stage. The contest starts June 20, 2013 and ends July 20, 2013.You are allowed to enter 6 photos in this contest thread. They will create a voting thread when the event ends and you will have to choose 1 photo to upload to the voting thread with your name and the name of the figure, nothing else. We're hoping to see some Star Wars figures in there, so have fun. Your imagination is your only limitation!