Friday, March 31, 2017

Hasbro Petition: Make Super-Articulated 3.75" Star Wars Figures Mainstream Again

Super-articulated action figures are what makes blogs like ours exist.  If you want to support the artists who fabricate dioramas, create photonovels or make super-articulated action figures then please sign this petition.  With the re-introduction of action figures with only five points of articulation, these artforms are quickly losing steam.  Established artists are running out of materials to make new pieces and newer artists that want to join the community are discouraged by the high prices of the older super-articulated figures that they need to get started.  We have seen so many amazing projects come from the action figure artist community to let it just disappear into obscurity. Please take a few moments and show your support by signing this petition.  It only takes a few seconds! 

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In 1977, Star Wars took the world by storm. Renowned toy company Kenner gained the rights to produce toys based on the film, and the Star Wars 3.75" action figure and toy craze began. In 1995, Kenner brought back Star Wars action figures under their parent company Hasbro. For the next 17 years, Star Wars action figures evolved and improved, receiving high levels of detail and articulation. In 2013, Hasbro devolved their Star Wars figures into very simplistic designs with a basic 5 points of articulation (5POA). In 2015, their 3.75" super-articulated figures (SA) were given as an exclusive to Walmart, where releases are infrequent and comprised primarily of older, repackaged figures. Distribution and availability under Walmart has been abysmal, and the morale and dedication of lifelong collectors and supporters of Star Wars 3.75" super-articulated figures is dwindling. 

Hasbro- Please bring back super-articulated figures as a mainstream product line with respectable availability at all major retailers. With better product being available to worldwide customers and patrons of Hasbro, you will sell more products and regain your reputation as the world's leading maker of mass-produced toys. As a lifelong customer of Kenner and Hasbro, I have become disheartened and disengaged by the lack of quality Star Wars action figures in the 3.75" scale. Not all figures require super-articulation, but every mainstream figure available should not be 5POA. Your fans, collectors, and customers want to give you our money. Please deliver figures in the 3.75" range that are deserving of it.

This petition will be delivered to:
Star Wars Team

"ROTJ EWOK" created by Darth Daddy

This was a quick custom thanks to an awesome headcast we purchased from I-AM-BOBA-FETT aka Riff Valley Designs. All we had to do to make this figure was add the headcast that we painted to the Vintage Collection Lumat action figure and fabricate some chest armor from some dried wood we had in fodder.  With about an hour or two of work we had one nice looking Ewok to add to our Endor display.

created by Darth Daddy

 Background by thecardboardgalaxy


 Riff Valley Designs aka I-AM-BOBA-FETT
Unique Star Wars head casts from a talented Star Wars customizer:
Riff Valley Designs eBay Store


Tuesday, March 28, 2017


Clone Wars custom action figure artists, Peak-OB1 Custom Creations & Darth Daddy of "Customs for the Kid" display Clone Wars custom action figures from Season 3 of The Clone Wars TV series episode "Nightsisters".

Friday, March 24, 2017

"CALAMARI CREWMAN" created by Elias

This was an action figure that was inspired by some friends of ours.  This custom Star Wars figure is just a simple repaint of The Black Series "Admiral Ackbar" action figure that can be found at Wal-mart locations  at a deep discount if you are fortunate enough to come across one.  All that needed to be done was a little prep work and some new paint.  The joints on the figure were reduced with a Dremel to prevent paint rub before any paint was applied.  After a few hours of effort was put into the paint application we had a new character to populate our Rebel alliance display shelf.

One of the coolest parts of doing this project was taking the time to bring attention to a great project that Star Wars customizer Peak-OB1 Custom Creations recently did prior to Toy Fair New York to give the Hasbro action figure design team some ideas on how to make some new Star Wars characters in action figure form using existing parts that have already been massed produced.  By using these parts, Hasbro would not need to spend more in production costs, only re-release old molds with new paint schemes and some minimal part swapping to give collectors some really desirable new characters to add to our collections.

created by Elias


"Calamari Rebel"
created by Evilivo

Peak-OB1 used Star Wars customizer Evilivo's "Calamari Rebel" as inspiration when he made his own figure.  Dad bought the parts to recreate Evilivo's version.

Monday, March 20, 2017


Outer Rim Traders has knocked it out of the park with their latest offerings to enhance your Rancor Pit dioramas.  They are now offering the large Rancor pit door, the Palace entry door, and the Round gate that Luke and the Gamorrean Guard enter through.  They commissioned FigureWorks to design and laser cut the acrylic masters that were then molded by Outer Rim Traders and mass produced as resin casts. You can get all three pieces for $57 plus shipping.  Head on over and get your parts now!




Sunday, March 19, 2017


Celebration Anaheim featured Clone Wars custom action figure artists, Peak-OB1 Custom Creations & Darth Daddy of "Customs for the Kid" display Clone Wars custom action figures from Season 3 of The Clone Wars TV series episode "Pursuit of Peace".

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

STAR WARS REBELS "OBI-WAN KENOBI" created by Customs for the Kid

This was an action figure we started building a while ago when we learned Obi-Wan was going to make an appearance on Star Wars Rebels.  To build the figure we used the 2013 Clone Wars Obi-Wan Kenobi body. The forearms we grabbed off of some random Jedi arms we had floating around in our fodder bin to provide the bloused out sleeves to replace the gauntlets. We sanded down the head of the Rebels: Mission Series Obi Wan Kenobi hologram figure and then resculpted the hair with some ProCreate.  The soft goods on his lower robes we grabbed off of a Tusken Raider that was in the Vintage 3-pack.  It was a nice way to add articulation to the figure to increase the poseability.  

We are really excited to add this figure to our collection just before the release of "Twin Suns" this upcoming Saturday!

created by Customs for the Kid

 Our custom Star Wars Rebels "Obi-Wan Kenobi" action figure posed with Hasbro's Maul action figure.

These pics were taken before we had a suitable lightsaber and had been replaced with the lightsaber in the pictures at the top.


Sunday, March 12, 2017


Celebration Anaheim featured Clone Wars custom action figure artists, Peak-OB1 Custom Creations & Darth Daddy and Elias of "Customs for the Kid" display Clone Wars custom action figures from Season 3 of The Clone Wars TV series episode "Heroes on Both Sides".

CUSTOMIZER SPOTLIGHT UPDATE: "Custom Star Wars Cardboard Yavin Base Playset" by thecardboardgalaxy

Saving your Christamas money until March can have its benefits.  At least it did for me. Sometime last year I saw this Yavin Base playset up for sale on eBay and at the time I just didn't have the money to purchase it.  I was really excited when I saw that thecardboardgalaxy produced a second playset and had posted it up once more for purchase.  This time I was sitting on a stack of money I received for Christmas and I quickly made the purchase.  Dad fronted me and I quickly paid him back.  I knew I would be getting a quality item from the backgrounds we had purchased from him and receiving his "Death Star Playset" as a gift.

This is a handmade “Hidden Fortress” Playset kit in the style of classic vintage Kenner Star Wars toys with modern aesthetics. It is approximately 16” tall and 20” wide at the base!

It includes several play environments for recreating scenes from the Yavin IV Rebel Base as seen in Star Wars IV: A New Hope, including: Tactical Room, Medal Ceremony Room (with pop-up stage,) Hangar Bay, Ops Center (with tactical screens and a “holotank” table), Temple Rooftop and a Rebel Guard Tower.

It is made from chipboard and cardstock (like the real Palitoy Death Star playset from the 1970’s) with custom-printed details for maximum authenticity. The whole playset easily breaks down into flat pieces for storage and shipping.

The kit I purchased included:

· 3 Wall Panels

· 3 Floor Panels

· Holotank Table Accessory

· Assembly Instructions

This kit is perfect for displaying/playing with your Star Wars action figures, including figures from the upcoming ROGUE ONE movie! It is a simulation production toy, but not a real toy product.

Each of these limited edition “Hidden Fortress” kits are hand-signed and numbered. Once they’re gone, they’re gone! So this is a bona-fide collectible piece of art as well.

"Custom Cardboard Star Wars Yavin Base Playset" 
by thecardboardgalaxy

"Death Star Playset"
created by thecardboardgalaxy