Monday, April 30, 2012


what is a NEW website LAUNCH without a COMMENTARY WELCOME VIDEO ? :)

Hey everyone, well here Frank D'iorio's jumping in on a new adventure. For all of his long time followers over at NiubNiub's this new site will soon seem familiar to you all, to all the NEWBIES discovering the fun of diorama making for the first time, well I am thrilled you have come to join us.

Frank Diorio:

"I don't want to type too much and repeat what I say in the video, so I shall let you warp on over to the YouTube DWC channel and check out my very FIRST WELCOME MESSAGE to you. (you will get a small peak at what's to come in the next several months...;p)

Make sure to spread the word and tell your friends about the Launch. Leave your comments and send me e-mails for your questions. This is all very exciting ... NiubNiub has finally grown up (well somewhat) and Joined the 21st Century. LOL."