Friday, October 30, 2020

Audes_Workshop Added to "Customs I Wish I Owned"


Cal of Audes_Workshop is a customizer from the Midwest US. He grew up watching the original trilogy on VHS but was never aware that there were toys to be had until the third grade. When a friend brought an older sibling’s AT-AT to school one day for a class presentation, he was in awe. He bought his first Star Wars figure, a TIE Fighter Pilot, soon afterward, and has been collecting ever since.

Although Cal enjoyed swapping character accessories, action figure outfits and reading through the custom submissions in ToyFare magazine growing up, the process of building figures himself always felt a bit daunting. Having only performed head swaps and repaints previously, he made his first true custom figures to properly populate the TVC Tatooine Skiffs. The positive feedback and guidance he received after sharing them with the community at Imperial Shipyards encouraged him to continue his customizing journey.

What began as a sort of completist’s compulsion has become a therapeutic pastime (perhaps it is still sometimes a compulsion). Cal has come to love working with soft goods and experimenting with mixed media and plans to continue expanding his print selection. He feels honored to be in the company of so many talented artists and passionate fans. The ability to share his love for Star Wars with others has provided a wonderful respite in current times.

Dad said that Audes_Workshop is one of the best 3.75" figure makers out in the community today. What he loves about him is his ability to mix all the best elements of his favorite customizers. A true standout artist, his soft goods work is just amazing and some of the best we have seen this year. The 3D resin casts that are available in his eBay store are superior sculpts that are all must purchase items for some great Clone Wars customizing projects at home. 

What we love most about this artist is how generous he is with his recipes and his process which are listed in detail on his Imperial Shipyards thread in their forums. 

His talent is just off the charts and he is an artist who will have a lot of great customs in his future!

His custom action figures from The Mandalorian are just phenomenal and we felt his work would be a fitting way to celebrate the release of Season 2 of on Disney+ today.


eBay page: Audes_Workshop

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Audes_Workshop on Imperial Shipyards

Wednesday, October 14, 2020

STAR WARS REBELS "AZMORIGAN" created by Customs for the Kid

Azmorigan was a male Jablogian who was a criminal leader operating in the Outer Rim Territories about four years before the Battle of Yavin. On one occasion, the "galactic entrepreneur" Lando Calrissian tricked him into selling a puffer pig in return for the Twi'lek captain Hera Syndulla. However, Hera escaped and rejoined Lando and her Rebel crew aboard the Ghost. An enraged Azmorigan pursued Calrissian and his rebel associates to Lothal and attempted to exact revenge on Calrissian. However, the rebels fought off Azmorigan and his henchmen; forcing him to retreat.

Later, Azmorigan purchased five power generators from the Devaronian crime lord Cikatro Vizago and arranged to rendezvous with him on Nixus Hub 218. However, the Weequay pirate Hondo Ohnaka took over Vizago's ship the Broken Horn. Together with the Rebels Ezra Bridger and Chopper, Hondo traveled to Nixus only to be captured by Azmorigan and his henchmen. Seeking to settle scores with both Hondo and Ezra, Azmorigan decided to use a loading dolly to fire them into space. However, his plans were foiled by Chopper who attacked his henchmen, creating a commotion that allowed Ezra and Hondo to free themselves and turn the tables on him. Azmorigan and his surviving henchmen were forced to flee, with the criminal leader resulting in him losing his credits.

Despite his adversarial encounters with Hondo and the Ghost crew, he joined forces with the two parties in order to loot treasure from an Imperial Class four container transport. Azmorigan and Hondo were solely motivated by pecuniary gain but managed to convince the Rebels to help them after pointing out the presence of proton bombs aboard the ship. Following a harrowing mission, Azmorigan, Hondo, and the Ghost crew were able to obtain their goals.

This was a figure that Dad had parted out, assembled. and even had a preliminary sculpt for the body going before I took over. I added a headsculpt, refined his sculpt, and painted the finished product. The upper torso and arms were from a Clone Wars Castas action figure and the legs were from a Clone Wars Even Piel. The thighs were once a Force Link Chewbacca's before being completely reshaped.  The hands of a Clone Wars Aurra Sing were modified so that a finger was removed off each hand before being added to the custom to finish it off. 

While this is most likely stating the obvious, it should be noted that the torso was completely re-sculpted, and the headsculpt for Azmorigan was made completely from scratch.  Constructing the head in layers, allowing forms to dry before sculpting the next layer, the head was slowly constructed step by step, which allowed for more control over the sculpting process. 

As a character, I find Azmorigan pretty gross, but I wanted to make him as a gift on a special occasion for my Dad, and he's over the moon about it.  Despite how I feel about Azmorigan's looks, I must say I'm pretty happy with the way it came out.

created by Customs for the Kid



STAR WARS REBELS "Cikatro Vizago"  
created by SWK Kustoms

created by Customs for the Kid

STAR WARS REBELS "Cikatro Vizago's Droid"
created by Customs for the Kid

Sunday, October 11, 2020

CUSTOMIZER SPOTLIGHT #54: 3.75" "ORRAY" created by Lord Sixth Customs

Lord Sixth Customs has been making amazing customs for many years now. Dad once featured his customs back in 2015 in one of his features for "Darth Daddy's Customizing Corner". What we always loved about this artist was his focus on the creatures of the Star Wars universe. When he recently made one of his latest creations available to a small number of collectors, we jumped at the chance to own one of his creations. 

The Orray were one of the cooler creatures to appear in "Attack of the Clones". The Geonosian battle arena was filled with several eye-catching beasts, but while Hasbro did a stellar job bringing the gladiatorial creatures to life, the larger service creatures like the Orray were not found on toy store shelves. Orrays appeared across the screen present in the background amid all the action both being ridden by their Geonosian mounts as well as being seen pulling the chariot transporting Senator Padmé Amidala and Jedi Anakin Skywalker into the arena as they openly confessed their love for each other and shared a kiss.

When building a diorama and recreating the scene at home, we felt that the Orray made by Lord Sixth Customs was a necessary addition to any Prequel collection. The paint and handcrafted accessories are meticulously executed in this piece. From the detailed paintwork on the creature's eye's down to the leather work throughout. We can't express how fortunate we feel to have this piece added to our collection. 

We heavily suggest using the links below to stay on top of this artists work in case another offering like this rolls along. I would hate for anyone to miss out on a future release.


created by Lord Sixth Customs


You can see Lord Sixth Customs on display at Sideshow Collectors:

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