Monday, September 25, 2017

"THE LAST JEDI" KYLO REN created by Darth Daddy

This was a quick and easy custom to create if you have an extra Black Series Kylo Ren action figures on hand. All you need to do is reduce the ball on the neck peg to accept the heads of the two different The Last Jedi  Kylo Ren 5poa action figures.  The unmasked head can be found single carded on store pegs now and the helmeted head can be purchased with the Force Link.  Just remember to remove the soft goods below the waist with a scissor to make the figure screen accurate. It takes only a few minutes to add a super-articulated version of the character to your home's display shelves.

created by Darth Daddy



Sunday, September 17, 2017

"THE LAST JEDI - ELITE PRAETORIAN GUARD" created by Customs for the Kid

Sometimes the best looking customs are the easiest to make.  All this 3.75" action figure needed for completion was a quick head swap to fill out the ranks and diversify the team protecting Supreme Leader Snoke.  We used the head from the Rey 2-pack released on Force Friday with the new Black Series - Praetorian Guard exclusive to Walmart.  If you want to fill in the hole in the head some with glue gun or anything else you see fit, it may help the head rest off the shoulders a bit, but if you pull up on the head it will rest tight enough on the head for posing to not make any modifications. We're sure we won't be the only ones doing this custom.  It's very likely it has been done already by several customizers.  

If you are having difficulty locating the Black Series - Praetorian Guard action figure at your local Walmart, fear not.  These figures aren't due to be released until November.  

created by Customs for the Kid

Posed next to the original Black Series action figure release.

The action figure can remain in really difficult poses with ease.

We love the Snoke action figure from the BB-8 playset.


Saturday, September 9, 2017

UPDATED: "1:18 scale U-Wing Build-It-Yourself-Kit" by thewriteguy

Not too long ago we featured the 1:18 scale U-Wing build-it-yourself-kit by thewriteguy, Howard Wen. He updated his online album with over 200 photos of the vehicle playset fully painted. Many of these pictures feature action figures of the entire Rogue One crew.

Also, this ship now has push-button sound FX. He put together YouTube photo videos showing people how to take the sound board from Revell’s U-Wing model to use in their own 1:18 scale U-Wing.

He is finally, absolutely finished with his project! 

This 1:18 scale U-Wing (from ROGUE ONE and the fourth season of STAR WARS: REBELS) is made from cardboard and paperboard. It’s designed for the 3.75” action figures. The building plans I designed are free for all Star Wars fans who want to make one of their own. 

Templates (Building plans and photo guide) 

Accessory Pack (Building plans for the inside elements) 

Paint Guide (How to prep and paint cardboard models) 

Alternate Engine Build 
(Build the mid- and end sections of the engines so you won’t need to paint them) 

Sound Add-on (Implement the sound board from Revell’s U-Wing model) 

Archive (Archived photos showing the original design and build process) 

Friday, September 8, 2017


This figure is currently not out in The Black Series vintage action figure line.  However it is sold with 5 points of articulation in the Elite Praetorian Guard two pack.  The two pack can be found in stores everywhere.  We found it on Force Friday at Toys-R-us.  We also found the BB-8 playset, featuring another Praetorian Guard and Snoke. How I could just go on and on about the playset, I just love that the set folds up into a life size BB-8.  Why articulate the figure you may ask?  Originally, I had The Black Series 3.75" Rey (Jakku) posed on the new playset where I was displaying my figures. Because of the articulation, I took advantage and positioned her so it appeared she was whacking a First Order Stormtrooper with her staff, and when I returned to my room I found that my Dad switched the figure I had there for the new Last Jedi Rey (Jedi Training) blandly holding up her staff in a stiff stance.  I thought to myself "No.  I'm not letting a figure look like that in my house."

I have to say the sculpts on this Last Jedi action figure line are exceptional, and would make great casting pieces.  But let's get back to Rey.  It's a shame that they havent announced her in The Black Series line, but could very well find this find figure in the Vintage line next year.  Lets keep our hopes up.

To make this figure, we used the torso, boots, hands, and head of the Rey (Jedi Training). The arms, and legs are from The Black Series Rey (Jakku), enabling splits and waist articulation.  While altering the torso to fit the arms, we unfortunately destroyed the Force Link audio chip.  Which leads us to the next thing, The Force Link. The Force Link has great play-ability!  If you purchase the Force Link Bracelet, you can use it to connect to the chip, and upon connection, it plays the audio programmed into the chip. Personally I think that this feature is a better alternative to the Build-A-Weapon pack-in. There is nothing more fun than having your action figure quote lines from the movie and feature some pretty impressive battle sounds as well.

created by Elias


Friday, September 1, 2017


Force Friday II has arrived. and while it would be fun to post an action figure from The Last Jedi, we figured we'd wait until we get a little closer to the release of the film before we did any official posts for the upcoming installment to the new trilogy. Instead we figured we'd celebrate the release of the new Phasma novel by Delilah S. Dawson that was released today in bookstores everywhere.  It bridges the time period gap between The Force Awakens and The Last Jedi making it more than suitable for a Force Friday post.

To do so we did a much desired update to the 3.75" Black Series version of the Captain Phasma action figure found in the Walmart exclusive line. Our version of the figure now sports the shiny chrome armor that was lacking from the official release we received, and to create it we only needed to update the paint. The interesting thing was, we did it without a paintbrush. To apply the chrome to her armor, we used Molotow's Liquid Chrome markers. The chrome goes on with ease and the markers are a great way to apply chrome to any custom project you are working on at home.

We recommend using an action figure stand to hold the figure and also applying the chrome in sections so you don't have to touch the figure at all during the application process.  Avoid touching the chromed sections until it is properly sealed to keep from dulling the reflective properties you just added. When entirely chromed, let the figure dry for A FEW DAYS WITHOUT TOUCHING. Only after this period of drying time should you then seal the figure with thin layers of Pledge acrylic floor wax containing Future Shine to keep that mirror finish. Do not let the sealer pool up anywhere on the armor and keep brushstrokes over the same area to a minimum to maintain the smooth surface between dry times.  We also recommend avoiding ALL alcohol based spray on sealers that will destroy all your hard work by dulling the new coat you just applied.  We actually handled the figure with vinyl-based, powder free medical gloves as we worked knowing our fingerprints could be damaging to the paint application. 

If you follow the above steps, your figure should come out like our version of Captain Phasma and you can add a figure to your shelves that really dazzles the eye!  Hope everyone had a great Force Friday and you all found what you were looking for!

created by Darth Daddy


Molotow Liquid Chrome Markers