Sunday, July 31, 2011

"MAKAZIE ONE" Action Figure

Not sure how many of you are familiar with the Star Wars fan film "Makazie One" written and directed by Clutch. Set in the Star Wars universe during the time period between Episodes III and IV, the story is about an elite soldier that has been sent to track down and destroy a known threat to the Empire through intense ground battles and haunting imagery of death that surrounds the environment. The unsuspecting enemy to the new Imperial order has no idea what he is up against when the two finally meet for an action packed surprise ending. The film won the "Best Cinematography" award at Star Wars Celeberation V and after viewing the movie you will see why. Check out the film before you read any further to avoid any spoilers.

"MAKAZIE ONE" Action Figure
created by Darth Daddy

Do not watch slide show before you watch the film.

Dad saw the film a ways back and ever since he saw it he has been wanting to do a tribute to this film by creating a Makazie One action figure. Yesterday he got around to making it. He used Hasbro's new Vintage Stormtrooper to maximize the articulation of the figure. He then modified a Baron Soontir Fel head from the Comic 2-pack that included Hobbie Klivian and then finished the figure off by sculpting Makazie One's signature thermal detonator lightsaber with some Apoxie Sculpt. Oh yeah and Dad made the kama out of an old dress sock that no longer had it's match. I love the way it came out and it's a great addition to my growing customizing collection.

Dad's "MAKAZIE ONE" Action Figure featured on Ed Johnson Presents: STAR WARS The Clone Chronicles (Webcomics & SW News)

Dad's "MAKAZIE ONE" custom action figure featured on the Front Page of Imperial Shipyards.

Saturday, July 30, 2011


Chad Peak (aka: Peakob1 or CAP) is a 35 year old artist in Denver, Colorado and has been a Star Wars fan all his life. He makes customs for the love of the hobby and you won't find a more dedicated fan. He hopes one day that he can have an entire custom collection simply because it is personalized to him and he never seeks financial gain by doing his customs, although he has done a few commissions at reasonable prices. He started customizing in '95. He doesn't count some of the vintage Ewoks that he colored over with black and brown markers as a kid.

He refers to his style of customizing as "hard sculpting" opposed to using sculpy to mold his own figures. He uses bits of existing parts and dremels those down to make a new result. He believes that it makes for a much stronger figure because he's a little like Jar Jar, "hesa clumsy" and often drops figures. Usually they don't break if he builds them properly. He finds customizing very exciting and he has many projects on the horizon.

After Dad finished working on his Ziro the Hutt action figure that was inspired by Peakob1's Ziro, Dad figured there was no better time to update the video he made for the artist. Peakob1 recently added a bunch of really cool customs to his thread including a really killer Dash Rendar you all should check out. Hope you enjoy his customs!

He displays his customs on Yakface, Droids and Ewoks and Jedi Defender.


For more images from Peakob1 click here:
Dad's "Peakob1" video posted on the front page of Imperial Shipyards.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Customs for the Kid's First Birthday!!

That's right everybody, as of today our blog has officially been here for one year. Thanks so much for your visits and your support of our blog. We hope you like what we've been doing so far and we can continue to show you Star Wars custom action figures for years to come!!

Imperial Shipyards wishes "Customs for the Kid" a Happy 1st Birthday.

Monday, July 25, 2011

"ZIRO THE HUTT" custom action figure created by Darth Daddy

Well we didn't see him at SDCC and rumor is we'll never see him. Dad has been wanting to create a Ziro the Hutt action figure for a long time now. He had a CW Jabba the Hutt sitting in the corner of the kitchen for a few months now and this weekend he finally got started on the project. This particular Jabba toy is starting to go for a lot of money on ebay, so you want to grab one before it goes out of your price range. Hasbro recently announced that they will not be making Ziro as an action figure so this is the only way you will be able to obtain the first villain of the Clone Wars television series.

created by Darth Daddy

Dad used phosphorescent acrylics so Ziro's tattoos would glow under a black light.

Dad used frames taken from the "Hunt for Ziro" episode to figure out the paint scheme for his Ziro action figure.

The headdress is held on with magnets inserted into Ziro's head and on the headdress itself.



Ziro's headdress and jewelry were sculpted by hand and are removable.

Dad's 1st version of "Ziro the Hutt" Action Figure was featured on Ed Johnson Presents: STAR WARS The Clone Chronicles (Webcomics & SW News)

Dad's 1st version of "Ziro the Hutt" Action Figure featured on the front page of Imperial Shipyards

Dad's 1st sitting with Ziro was featured on Echo Base News "Customizer Spotlight"

Dad's 2nd crack at finishing Ziro the Hutt was featured on the front page of Imperial Shipyards.

Dad's completed Ziro the Hutt was featured on the front page
of Imperial Shipyards.

Dad's completed Ziro the Hutt was featured on the front page
of Imperial Shipyards.


Dad wanted to create Ziro the Hutt after he saw the above custom action figure created by Peakob1.