Monday, July 30, 2012

Lucasclones' Customs: A new Facebook Group just for Action Figure Artists to sell their works is formed!

"A new Facebook Group just for Action Figure Artists to sell their works is formed! I started this group today to help out all action figure artists sell their work. Sometimes selling is a necessary evil in order to keep up the hobby! Click the link to join our group. The main focus is to sell your custom figures and avoid the hassle and fees of ebay! We need your help!" - Lucasclones

Saturday, July 28, 2012

"Customs for the Kid" Celebrates 2 Years of Blogging

It's hard to believe that we have been doing this for so long, but as of today, we have been officially promoting the Star Wars custom action figure community for two years.  We just want to thank everyone for all your visits, comments and feedback.  With visitors from over a hundred different countries, we never thought that what we started at home in our kitchen would have ever grown to be so popular.  Thanks again for your loyal support and please enjoy this video showcasing the year in review. Check out the video below showcasing the action figures that we created in our second year of the blog.

by Elias & Darth Daddy

Customizer Spotlight #21: BL4CK5H33P

It's been a long time since we did one of these posts, but it wasn't for a lack of wanting to.  Truth is the archives were deleted due to an interface change on Blogger.  We hit the edit button to update the archives and it was gone with a hit of the button.  So after a month of rebuilding the archives, we have an update.   BL4CK5H33P is a newcomer to the customizing forums, but his action figures look like the work of a veteran.  When we saw a few of his customs for sale, we jumped at the chance to purchase two of our favorite pieces of his.  These figures look great and we recommend checking out his forum thread and sales thread to see if anything calls out to you.  This customizer will be one to watch.

by BL4CK5H33P

 Dathomiri/Human Hybrid Nightbrother
 by BL4CK5H33P

BL4CK5H33P's Custom Thread:

Luke Sprywalker's Jabba Project

Luke Sprywalker is gearing up for Celebration IV and his Jabba Project has been pure eye candy.  This is one that needs to be seen in all it's glory.  I think everyone would want these figures.  They're all just so amazing.  His repaint on Bubo is what really has us floored here at home.  We love the way he painted the eyes.  If you will be attending Celebration IV, be sure to see him speak at the Custom Action Figure Panel along with Sith_fire30 and Sillof.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Chewie Unveiled Chapter 1 of The Enloe Trials Photo-Novel

We were really excited to see this one released.  Justin did a great job on his latest installment.
Click here to see this for yourself.


Get ready for a Custom Action Figure News Roundtable


Get ready for a customizing roundtable about painting your custom action figures. Special guest podcasters include Dayton Allen (Sith_fire30), L.E. Spry (Luke Sprywalker), and Daniel Barnes (Tankster Innovations). There is so much information packed into this cast its crazy!. Sit back get a piece of paper and a pen and get ready to learn a lot about how to paint a figure from start to finish. Nuff said.

Go here to listen to the Custom Action
Figure News podcast: 

If there is anything you would like them to feature on a future podcast be sure to let them know at:

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Lannik Bounty Hunter

Dad threw this one together on the fly today.  Originally he was just going to hang out at the kitchen table with me while I created a custom.  Next time I looked over, figures were boiling on the stove top and Dad was at it.  He sculpted hair with Apoxie Sculpt onto the head of a Clone Wars Even Piel from which he also used the hands and lower legs along with the torso, arms and upper thighs of a Discover the Force Mawhonic.  The bandana around his neck is from a G.I.Joe Tunnel Rat and the backpack is from the Vintage Dengar.  The arm band is from an Indiana Jones figure.

Lannik Bounty Hunter (WIP)
by Darth Daddy

Dad says he wants to do some more work on the braids now that the skeleton for it is dry.  All he has to do now is sculpt in the fine details.

Dad's Lannik Bounty Hunter was featured on the front page of Imperial Shipyards.

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Head Casts by sithhappens

 Dad is always wishing he had extra alien heads for creating new action figures, but doesn't want to pay the price of an entire figure to get it.  When Dad found out Star Wars customizer sithhappens started to sell head casts of some of the figures he wanted most, he went straight to his ebay page to place an order.  When he received his order in the mail, Dad was really impressed with the high quality casts that he received and placed a second order right away.  Any customizers who are looking for some hard to find heads at a reduced cost, look no further.  These heads are awesome!

Savage Opress Robot Arm

Dad was talking to Star Wars customizer Peakob1 today and he told Dad that if he watched the Clone Wars Season 5 trailer real closely that he would see Savage Opress has a robotic arm in this season.  We're curious to see how Savage loses it, and if a custom of this version of Opress will ever be made.  At least I know what I'm going to do with my extra action figure of him when I get the Target Exclusive 3-pack with Darth Maul and the Nightsister.

Images of Savage Opress are courtesy of the Clone Wars: Season 5  Trailer

Robot Arm Savage Opress 
(Work In Progress)
created by Darth Daddy

Dad still has to sculpt the upper arm to complete the figure.  We're waiting for the "Eminence" episode in Season 5 so we can get a better view of the new arm and correct anything we need to on the forearm also.

Our story was featured on the front page of Imperial Shipyards.