Sunday, February 26, 2012


So my mom has been expressing her concern to my Dad about the violence in Star Wars and all the dark themes that exist in the stories. She expressed concern about how it could affect my development and my overall outlook on life. To meet mom halfway, Dad went on a huge kick where he created a bunch of custom Jedi younglings and then bought me the new Starspeeder 1000 and the Star Tours crew, to transport my younglings throughout the Star Wars universe and make our play more kid friendly and less about the battles some people usually associate with the Wars.

created by Darth Daddy

Dad sculpted new legs onto his Gran Jedi youngling, and added Advozse and Neomodian Jedi younglings to my collection over the weekend as well.

This Quermian Jedi youngling was purchased on ebay a few years ago, but arrived in the mail completely damaged. When we opened the bubble mailer, the head was cracked off. Dad had to completely resculpt a new neck, and then had to repaint the figure due to the repairs he had made. In the end the figure looked different than when we had bought it, but Dad his best to stick to the original concept that the customizer had used.

Dad used the new Vintage Doltay Dofine head and hands with the Vintage Anakin Skywalker body to create this youngling and then repainted them to match the paint he applied to the neck.

Dad replaced the ball joint of the neck to attach the Vintage Bom Vimdim head to the Vintage Anakin Skywalker body to create this youngling.

I sure do have a lot of younglings now!




Thursday, February 23, 2012

DEATH TROOPER created by Darth Daddy

When an experimental virus was tested on this Stormtrooper, he surprised the Imperial research team when he exhibited an alarming reaction to the injection. The team disposed of him immediately down inside the ship's trash compactor.

Dad has been wanting to make one of these action figures ever since he listened to Joe Shreiber's book on audio tape during a long road trip. When the new G.I. Joe Zombie Viper action figure came out, he knew it was time to take a crack at it. After he found the action figure at a local pharmacy he was all ready to go. He used the Vintage Stormtrooper action figure for the body and the G.I. Joe Zombie Viper action figure provided the parts for the undead portion of his creation. Dad painted the figure with less blood and gore and tried to use a comic book color scheme. He did the build while he listened to Lucasclones and Tamer interview customizer TTT on Custom Action Figure News and when he heard them give the original blue skin tone a bad rap, Dad tried to see if he could make the blue look good. He really loves the way the figure came out. He's pretty sure somebody else has probably tried the same formula by now, but he hasn't come across it yet in the customizing forums. He considers the figure a work in progress, but to be honest Dad's been saying that about all of his completed figures lately.

created by Darth Daddy

Inspired by Joe Schreiber's "Death Troopers"

Here's a picture with the helmet off.

Dad's Death Trooper featured on the front page of Imperial Shipyards.

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

CAFN: Episode 23 - TTT's Customs

It's already time for another podcast from Custom Action Figure News. This time around we get to hear from Dan of TTT's customs. If you didn't see the feature we did on him last month for our "Customs I Wish I Owned" page be sure to check out his work. His customs are too cool for words. But before you check out the video, be sure to listen to the podcast. Lucasclones and Tamer get to talk zombies with TTT.


To see more customs created by TTT go to:


TTT on Ebay

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Dad surprised me when I came home and found this really cool Gran Jedi Youngling waiting for me. Originally it was just another No Paint Kit Bash (NPKB) that he created with the head, hands and feet of the new Discover the Force Mawhonic and the body of a Vintage Anakin Skywalker from the Phantom Menace wave. It was a really quick and easy custom action figure to make. Some customizers boil the figures for about 5 minutes, while others will use a blowdryer to heat up the places they want to pop apart. We're boilers at our house. I have even heard someone on Youtube say that they microwave their figures to heat them up and take them apart. If anyone knows how long a customizer should microwave their figure please leave the information in our comments section. Kids use a parent's supervision before trying this at home.

After posting this custom in various Star Wars forums, customizer Luke Sprywalker asked Dad to sculpt over the boots of the Vintage Anakin Skywalker figure and create Gran legs. Dad went to work and the final result is below.

created by Darth Daddy


Originally Dad skipped sculpting new legs until customizer Luke Sprywalker suggested sculpting them on. Dad agreed that it would look better and sculpted on the legs the weekend after he posted the figure the first time.

Dad's Gran Jedi Youngling featured on the front page of Imperial Shipyards.