Sunday, April 28, 2019


Clone Wars custom action figure artists, Peak-OB1 Custom Creations along with Darth Daddy & Elias of "Customs for the Kid" showcase Clone Wars custom action figures from Season 4 of The Clone Wars TV series episodes "Brothers" & "Revenge". Darth Daddy goes over creating a Spider Maul action figure and much, much more!

Saturday, April 27, 2019

"Fett's Escape" by Bad Batch Customs

In the "We Backed The Barge" Facebook group, Dad recently joked about blowing up HasLab's crowdfunded Sail Barge. Well, as promised, we give you a video of Bad Batch Customs latest creation which recently brought the iconic Sail Barge explosion to life in Bad Batch's beautiful "Fett's Escape" diorama complete with a "removable" Sarlacc Pit that separates completely from the desert terrain piece and functions as a diorama all its own. The Sarlacc Pit also features a wonderful Boba Fett action figure posed inside tentacles which were hand sculpted to fit around him during his escape. Best of all, for those currently screaming sacrilege at the top of their lungs, the original Hasbro Sail Barge (Jabba's Khetanna) was not harmed in any way. The pieces of the diorama that depict damage are all removable accessories. The sails were hand made from red fabric and weathered by hand. The original red sails still remain intact for complete assembly in its original form upon release.  The side and front panels are also simply resting in place on the Barge creating the illusion of damage without having to modify it in any way. Just some light coming out from the inside and strategic panel placement was all that was needed to create the disheveled appearance of the wreckage.  If you look close he even took the time make a Tusken Raider hut to fill the diorama's space.

"Fett's Escape" by Bad Batch Customs

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Sunday, April 14, 2019

"SPIDER MAUL" created by Darth Daddy

This action figure was laying about the house, unfinished for far too long. We are so thankful for our YouTube show with Peak-OB1 Custom Creations called "Customizing The Clone Wars" because it pushes us to complete unfinished projects that we desperately wanted to get done. This was one of those very projects. In our next episodic installment of "Customizing The Clone Wars", I will provide a more detailed explanation of how I produced this action figure in 3.75" scale.

Hidden beneath all the scraps of ProCreate, Green Stuff, and scalvaged plastic scraps is part of a B'Omarr Monk action figure that we affixed below a 100% sculpted Darth Maul head on top of a torso that were both handcrafted by Darth Daddy. The sculpt was strategically attached to a hidden articulated limb that we surrounded by plastic strips securely held in place with hockey tape cuttings to mimic Maul's bandages. The spider body was wrapped in wire, littered with unlimited numbers of plastic cuttings and assorted sculpted pieces that were held in place with model cement, and enthusiastically weathered with cinnamon to age all of the chaotic paint work that was applied. Props to Elias for painting on Maul's tattoos.

created by Darth Daddy