Tuesday, July 30, 2019


Clone Wars custom action figure artists, Peak-OB1 Custom Creations along with Darth Daddy & Elias of "Customs for the Kid" showcase Clone Wars custom action figures from Season 5 of The Clone Wars TV series "Ahsoka" arc. Featuring custom action figure recipes for Bounty Hunter Ventress, Sergeant Hound & Grizzer, Barriss Offee (Anakin Duel), Shock Trooper, and Chancellor Palpatine.

Sunday, July 28, 2019


This was a quick easy custom to make. Just grab the body of the Phase II Clone Trooper action figure, paint it black, and then drybrush in the white of the armor. We used a Clone headcast we made from a mold we had and painted it so it had Fives head tattoo and goatee. Then we painted a Imperial Officer cap from Juno Eclipse to finish the custom of Fives in his Coruscant club disguise.

created by Customs for the Kid

created by Elias

 This is a second version that we made for Corey Van Dyke of Kessel Run Transmissions.


Monday, July 22, 2019


Clone Wars custom action figure artists, Peak-OB1 Custom Creations along with Darth Daddy & Elias of "Customs for the Kid" showcase Clone Wars custom action figures from Season 5 of The Clone Wars TV series "Mandalore" arc. Featuring custom action figure recipes for Mando Robot Legs Maul, Robot Arm Savage Opress, Latts Razzi's boa, Phase II Pre Vizsla, Bo Katan, Maul Mandos, Obi-Wan Kenobi in Mando Armor, Sugi, Dengar, Duchess Satine Kryze and Darth Sidious.

"TONNIKA SISTERS" created by Elias

In 0 BBY, when a mission to transport the Hammertong prototype ended in a stormtrooper ambush, Karoly D'ulin and Shada D'ukal found themselves on Tatooine, and were in the Mos Eisley Cantina when Luke Skywalker first met Han Solo. The women were masquerading as the Tonnika sisters: Karoly was disguised as Senni Tonnika while Shada posed as Brea Tonnika.

Senni Tonnika (Karoly D'ulin) was made using 3.75" The Black Series Padme, which was heavily modified using a Dremel. The pattern on the chest was completely taken away, as well as the scars on the back.  The boots were filled in using ProCreate to give it a smoother texture.  The band on the thigh and belt were also sculpted in using ProCreate.  The collar and sleeves were sculpted into place with Aves Fixit sculpt.  The head was made from a cast supplied by I-Am-Boba-Fett.  

Brea Tonnika (Shada D'ukal) was made using the 3.75" Build A Droid Leesub Sirlin.  The overshirt was completely removed using the Dremel, and the collar and sleeves were sculpted with Aves Fixit sculpt. The thigh band and belt were made from ProCreate.  The holster on the boot of Leesub Sirlin wsas simply removed with a razor blade, then sanded to smooth down the surface.  The head was the exact same cast as the first figure, which was supplied by I-Am-Boba-Fett. However, I used paint to make the faces appear different in shape, and structure.

I made them to sell since we have another set of heads we can use to make a set for ourselves at a later date. THIS SET IS NOW SOLD!

created by Elias

 Karoly D'ulin as Senni Tonnika

 Shada D'ukal as Brea Tonnika

Having Angela House ask me to make her a figure of herself was the biggest compliment an artist could ask for.


Monday, July 15, 2019


"D-Squad" created by Wraithnine

Clone Wars custom action figure artists, Peak-OB1 Custom Creations along with Darth Daddy of "Customs for the Kid" showcase Clone Wars custom action figures from Season 5 of The Clone Wars TV series "Droid" arc. Featuring tutorials on making Captain Neyo, Admiral Tarkin, D-Squad, Borkus, and two version of Gregor.

Sunday, July 14, 2019

"9001 Z001 LANDSPEEDER" created by Elias

Six-point-eight meters in diameter, this speeder carried a single pilot. The craft hovered up to three meters above the ground and its numerous viewports allowed its driver an excellent field of vision. While not the speediest of vehicles, able to achieve only 160 kilometers per hour, a ring of micro-thrusters around the hull granted exceptional maneuverability. One of these vehicles was seen parked outside Chalmun's Cantina in "A New Hope".

We had originally purchased a 1:18 scale cast of this ship from Hole In The Ground Productions to display with our personal collection. Sometime after we purchased it, we received a second interpretation of the ship from an alternate seller. When I was thinking of some cool pieces I could produce over my summer break from school that I could sell to make some cash, Dad suggested that I paint up one of the two versions of this speeder that we had sitting on our shelf of future products. To keep costs down for the buyer, I grabbed the less complicated of the two versions to paint up for sale.

It took about 16 hours to paint inside and out. While an unpainted version is still available to purchase from Hole In The Ground for only $48, my painted version will cost considerably more due to all the hours it took to paint and bring to completion.  If anyone is interested in buying this piece, the cost is $275 + shipping. All you need to do is send an email to to let us know you are interested in making the purchase. 

created by Elias


Sunday, July 7, 2019



Clone Wars custom action figure artists, Peak-OB1 Custom Creations along with Darth Daddy & Elias of "Customs for the Kid" showcase Clone Wars custom action figures from Season 5 of The Clone Wars TV series "Youngling" arc. Featuring tutorials on making Gwarm, Craggy Tooth Pirate A, Professor Huyang, Byph, Ganodi, Gungi, Katooni, Petro and Zatt.

"PROFESSOR HUYANG" created by Darth Daddy

Professor Huyang was an ancient droid who made his first appearance on screens in Season 5 of The Clone Wars television series. Huyang was a storied architect who oversaw the construction of Jedi lighstabers for many centuries. Based aboard the training vessel Crucible, Huyang guided countless younglings in the construction of their lightsabers after they had successfully completed their task of securing a kyber crystal from the icy caverns of Ilum. Huyang helped them visualize their lightsaber parts, and pulled the needed supplies from his vast trove of parts. His ancient memory systems contained records of every lightsaber ever constructed.

Professor Huyang was an action figure that was at the very top of Dad's wishlist, but due to the difficulty involved in producing this character in plastic, Dad never really considered trying to make him. That was until he saw that a customizer named Isotelus offered a 3-D print file for Huyang that he designed and made available for free to the public. 

Droids have a reputation for being extremely difficult to fabricate from scratch due to the need for precise symmetry. Dad said making a head or torso for Huyang would be an absolute nightmare. Therefore, the 3-D print file that Isotelus created was just the solution Dad was looking for. 

Even with a solution, the project still was immensely challenging for a number of reasons. The trouble with the design for the Professor Huyang was the figure only articulated at the head, shoulders and waist. The rest of the figure was completely stagnant everywhere else. We wanted a super-articulated version of Huyang, and this figure had less than five points of articulation. That said, Dad felt confident all the parts he needed to pull off this project were present in the 3-D print file and he was absolutely right.

The first step in getting the project started was getting the file printed. Because we don't have a 3-D printer, we had to get the file printed by a third-party. Dad did some research and found, a company online who was able to do an SLA print of the file that would severely reduce the lines that would occur if a plastic filament was utilized to produce the prototype. Huyang took a few weeks to come in the mail due to the Chinese holiday, but once he arrived, Dad got to work at cutting up the resin pieces to add in the articulation. 

Print from Isotelus' 3-D Design

Adding articulation to the 3-D print.

To do so, Dad used the shoulder and elbow joints of two Clone Wars Battle Droids to add ball jointed shoulders and articulation to the knees and elbows. What Dad didn't anticipate was that the arms would be so thin that they could not be drilled to accept pegs at the elbows or wrists. To get around it, Dad used  tiny magnets in the hands and wrist to make them swivel. This was the perfect solution for providing our Huyang with the two different sets of hands that were available. He used a Dremel to carve deep notches along the inside of the arms to accept the Battle Droid elbows. It worked aesthetically because it matched Huyang's design perfectly without compromising his appearance at all, Below the waist, Dad used the bottom half of a JN-66 Research Droid that he cut up and drilled to accept the hip joints from the Battle Droid to give Huyang ball-jointed hips. He attached the modified piece to the upper torso with powerful magnets, 

Once completely assembled, Dad got to sculpting. He had to re-sculpt the torso above the waist to thin him out and below the waist to improve screen accuracy. He also had to completely re-sculpt the arms to add in the detail that was lost in the printing process. He also widened the headsculpt a bit and sculpted in details into the backpack that were absent. Once the body sculpt was completed, Dad added a real leather apron and belt to the figure and added on sculpted pouches and a Comm Link. 

After that Dad made a plethora of accessories that didn't come with the original print. He added a battle damage feature by gluing wires to a spare set of shoulder ball joints that he could swap out for the arms. He drilled out the crystal chamber in Huyang's chest and added a removable one. I even got involved and made Huyang's torch that could be swapped out for the boxes on the forearms utilizing magnets there as well. 

The goal was to have Huyang done in time for the recording of our show "Customizing The Clone Wars". Because of the impending deadline, Dad was not able to add a movable monocle like he had hoped. He is hoping to add it at a later date utilizing some more magnets.

Once the build was complete, Dad just needed to paint the figure and all of the extra arms that were available in the more complete file Isotelus included.

created by Darth Daddy

  The crystal chamber in Huyang's chest is removable.

 Darth Daddy's modified Professor Huyang.

Isotelus' 3-D Print File