Friday, July 28, 2023

TVC "CARSON TEVA" custom action figure by Elias of "Customs for the Kid"

We'd love to say that we had been preparing for quite some time to come up with a cool way to celebrate the blog's 13th anniversary, but truth be told we have been so busy that we had to come up with a spontaneous plan for a custom post. We looked at what we had that would be quick and capable of helping us reach such a short deadline. In the end, we narrowed our choices down to an animated Hunter from The Bad Batch, a TVC Praetorian Guard from The Mandalorian Season 3, and a TVC Carson Teva from Season 2 of The Mandalorian.

Initially, I started painting the Carson Teva head that we purchased from Watto's Scrapyard because even 13 years into the blog, we are still going out of our way to promote other artists in the community. I placed the head onto a very expensive super-articulated version of Jek Porkins. I was going to use the helmet of the figure as well, but quickly realized it was a bit too snug and would cause some serious paint rub. Dad did some test fitting with the diverse number of X-wing and Rebel Snowspeeder helmets represented in our collection and found that the POTF Jek Porkins helmet to be the best fit for the Carson Teva 3D resin print. Once we had the build we wanted I quickly painted the rest of the head and the helmet then sealed the paintjob with some Dulcote spray from Testor's.

Carson Teva was a human male captain who served in the Rebel Alliance and later within the Adelphi Rangers of the New Republic Starfighter Corps flying a T-65B X-wing starfighter. While patrolling in the Outer Rim in 9 ABY, he and fellow New Republic pilot Trapper Wolf approached the gunship Razor Crest, questioning why the starship's transponder was not emitting. The Crest's pilot, the Mandalorian bounty hunter Din Djarin, explained that the vessel was pre-Galactic Empire and promised to fix his issue. Teva then requested a ping from Djarin, which the Mandalorian eventually transmitted reluctantly. Wolf then connected the Razor Crest to a breakout on a New Republic Correctional Transport and Djarin attempted to flee.

Teva and Wolf pursued the Razor Crest through the atmosphere of the planet Maldo Kreis but eventually lost visual of the starship. Running tabs on the gunship after, the pair learned of some selfless actions Djarin made on the correctional transport. They found the Crest after and rescued it from a swarm of knobby white ice spiders. Teva explained to Djarin what he and Wolf had learned about the Mandalorian and let the bounty hunter walk free, departing on their X-wing starfighters.

Teva and a wingmate later went to the planet Nevarro and the captain questioned Magistrate Greef Karga about the destruction of a base and a possible detection of the Razor Crest. Karga answered Teva's inquiries, and promised to contact the captain if there was any anything to add. Teva then talked with the ex-rebel Cara Dune, offering her a chance to help the New Republic quash the Imperial presence in the Outer Rim, which she silently refused.

While patrolling above the planet Tatooine, Teva and Lieutenant Reed encountered Djarin again. While Reed wanted to use further force with the Mandalorian and his fighter, the captain chose to let the bounty hunter off, attempting to bargain for answers regarding the prior incident on Nevarro.

custom action figure
created by Elias of "Customs for the Kid"