Friday, October 31, 2014


OUT OF COMMISSION TOYS aka TTT hasn't been making toys as frequently as he used to, but I just had to show off his custom Star Wars figures around the ghoulish days of Halloween.  His zombie Star Wars offerings are my personal favorites in the Star Wars custom community and I know you'll all enjoy them as much as I do.

TTT's father collected Star Wars figures in the 70's-80's. Him and his brother used to modify their toys as kids, usually with a bench vice for their Hot Wheel cars and a lighter for their model planes/cars.  Back in 2007, a few of his toys fell off a shelf; everything was okay except for a Transformers Alternators Smokescreen figure that was busted in half at its waist. He decided to add battle damage...why not - nothing to lose. He just went at it, melted some bits, dremeled off chunks, had fun and it worked rather well. Then he found he wanted to do another...and another...and...well, the rest is history.

TTT now specializes in pretty much anything, models,, statues...clean and shiny to rusty, burned, trashed or zombiefied. Most fans know him for his battle damage and zombie work. 2014 marks 7 years of TTT "torturing your toys".

He's just the perfect customizer for the week of Halloween with his awesome zombie Star Wars creations. Have you ever wondered what the zombie apocalypse would look like in the Star Wars universe. Check out these customs and find out.  His paint work is as fun as it gets!  Now, go get your "Death Trooper" on!

Monday, October 27, 2014

The Clone Wars Collection @ Customs for the Kid: THE VIDEO

Here is a must see video for all fans of the Clone Wars!  This may just be the coolest Clone Wars action figure collection ever caught on film!  One of the most unique in the world for sure.  Several artists spent years building the collection you are about to view.  Kick back and relax and see how strong the Force is with this Clone Wars action figure collection!

Our video was featured on the front page of Imperial Shipyards.

Sunday, October 26, 2014

ASIS FILM MODELS - Custom Star Wars Model Kits

Earlier this week, I read about a company by the name of ASIS Film Models that had contacted Jedi News to inform them of their line of 3 3/4" custom Star Wars model kits currently posted on their website for sale.

We bought a set here at home, and we recommend visiting the source link below to check out all of their available models.  The design work is just amazing and this will probably be the only way to complete your set of Phantom Menace podracers now that Hasbro has their plates full with future releases.

These kits are a LIMITED SERIES of only 200 units each! (includes serial number and sculptor´s signature).

Darth Daddy's Google+ Profile Gets Over 2 MILLION Views!

The profile page Dad created for his Star Wars custom action figure art surpassed 2 million views today!

Friday, October 24, 2014


Devin aka spudafett is a high school science teacher with a degree in geology. Since childhood Devin has collected two things, fossils and Star Wars. More recently he has gotten involved in the art and hobby of customizing Star Wars (and other franchises) action figures, vehicles and collectibles. 

 6" Jango Fett

 3 3/4" Aurra Sing Ball jointed hips.

 Clone Wars Boba Fett

 6" Mara Jade

 Mythos Obi-Wan Kenobi (Alec Guinness head)

You can view his work on or under his internet handle of Spudafett, but the best place to reach him is on his facebook page: 

Thursday, October 16, 2014

"Custom Star Wars Black Series Accessories (6 inch scale)" by TheBudgetJedi

Accessories from community members such as VaderPainter Studios, Curt L. BrownMalcolm Olejadejaw Harbatken and Paint Samurai Customs!!!


Star Wars customizer localgotal does not physically create his action figures with plastic.  Instead he makes a digital custom. 

What is a digital custom you ask?  Let's hear a description from localgotal himself. 

"By "digital custom" I mean that I've taken various images of other figures from across the web and in Photoshop pieced them together to create an image." - localgotal

His imagery can best be described as a Star Wars collector's wishlist of vehicles and action figures that they'd like to see released before it is too late and the new films launch.  If Hasbro wants to know what collectors would like to see in the future, check out presents...Concept Series: Action Figure Customs by localgotal.   I can't pick a better voice to speak to what I know I want as a collector.  What he has put on display is exactly what I'd like to see released.  Clear the parking lot!  This is the last chance for these figures to be released with all the new product that will be produced with the new films coming out. Between the new Trilogy and Spin-Off movies coming out, there are just so many things here on display that I'd like to get before OTC toys are gone from toy shelves forever. His suggestions are a love letter to Hasbro spilling forth all our wishes and desires.

localgotal has such great eye, and his representations of the characters from the films are spot on.  He definitely picks the best parts from everywhere and fits everything together seamlessly.  I almost wish this stuff was reality and I'd be able to bring it all home.  Hasbro's investors are sleeping at the wheel. Stockholders need to take a more active role in the companies that they invest in.  I wish this was Hasbro's selection in 2014 giving a last hurrah to the OTC to prep everyone for 2015.  They'd make a fortune off of me!

What I like is that localgotal's imagery is an "ongoing series" and I can see us getting figures from all the Star Wars content eventually. He's only been at it since November. This is only the beginning. His recurring feature on needs to become part of your web browsing activity if you are a fan of Star Wars figures.  As a customizer, it is definitely a completely different skill set, but the task is equally difficult. 

And this guy definitely brings the Photoshop skills! Love his imagery! I certainly couldn't do what he does.

I want localgotal in charge of the Star Wars line going forward. We need to change the guard. stumbled upon greatness when they found localgotal.