Thursday, September 30, 2010

Star Wars: Customs I Wish I Owned

To all our readers,

We have now added a new page to our blog titled, "Star Wars: Customs I Wish I Owned." After receiving all of your messages, we have come to the conclusion that our blog is turning into a popular place for customizing artists to see other artists that are out there and what they are working on. When the site was created, we had no idea it would have become so successful. Lately, we have come to the conclusion that pretty soon my small collection of custom action figures won't be enough to keep the "Customizer's Spotlight" going forever. Dad's pockets just aren't that deep. Lol.

(cough, cough...donations welcome...)

As a solution, since we aren't "seriously" expecting any donations, we are starting the "Star Wars: Customs I Wish I Owned" page to fill the void when our "Customizer's Spotlight" posts start to wear thin. Don't worry, we still have plenty more artists to come, and we just received two boxes of fodder so we can keep cranking out some more of our own.

Hopefully, we can keep the posts coming and this new page will just be seen as an awesome addition to what is already here.

Regardless, in this new section that we are creating, we will showcase custom action figures that are
NOT in my collection. This new page will be a great place to find awesome custom artists that we aren't able to showcase in "Customizer's Spotlight" because their work hasn't found their way into my collection yet. Believe me, it isn't because I wouldn't want these incredible action figures. It will also be a place where you can find action figures made by individuals that we do have featured in "Customizer's Spotlight", but again these figures are ones that sadly are NOT in my collection. We will still be providing links to see more of these artist's work than what you see here, and we will provide you ways to obtain their customs if they have any for sale.

Check the page often. Updates will happen frequently, but since it isn't a post, you won't be notified when it happens.

Custom Artists that have already participated include: Justin Cook (aka Yak_Chewie), Luke Sprywalker, Stormforce Customs, Dan of the Dead, Tokiravensky, and Mercury Art Studios.

Feel free to send us links or pictures of your action figures to if you wish for them to be considered.

Hope you enjoy!!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Last Year's Birthday Present

So with October quickly approaching, my seventh birthday is just around the corner. So naturally like any kid my age, my mind is on birthday presents. Last year, as a present for my 6th birthday, Dad restored and customized an old Dagobah playset that they used to make when he was a kid . He was really proud when he had it all finished and I loved having a new home for Yoda. I asked him to do a post for the playset, but he still hasn't gotten around to it. I figure if I put up two pictures from our weekend experiment we just documented called Saturday at Our House which is now located in the link at the top right of the screen, he will hopefully get around to doing a post for his customized Dagobah playset. Keep your fingers crossed.

Customizer Spotlight #8: Pack Rat Studios

Welcome again to Customizer Spotlight. We've gotten a lot of buzz from our readers about our latest artist and his awesome droid creation since we listed our Coming Soon post. Pack Rat Studios is a studio that specializes in Developing, Building and Painting Custom Action Figures. Most of their works are put up on ebay for Auction. Also, Pack Rat Studio deals in Vintage or Current Action Figures and Collectables.


At home we also call him Goliath.

He has fully pose-able arms, elbows, fingers and thumbs.


Originally we bought her on ebay under the listing of "Female Bounty Hunter" but she has since been incorporated into our band of pirates. She is always seen with her trusty droid R2-Bertie.

You can check out their blog by clicking the blog links on our page or by going to:

You can contact Pack Rat Studios at:

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Android Assassin

Dad made this custom a while back, but I'm only posting it now.

She carries six Cortosis blades on her back that are perfect for eliminating Jedi.

She likes to get up close and personal when she fulfills her contracts. She sends out a strong electrical stream to electrocute her mark and finish the job.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Customizer Spotlight #7: Deimos Customs

Season 3 of the Clone Wars TV series has just started and Deimos Customs just created a killer Savage Opress, an action figure of the newest Star Wars character that all fans are dying to see introduced on the show. This is a very well made figure and our Savage Opress action figure's already leading the Separatist army across our living room floor.

Savage Opress was a Zabrak warrior who was recruited by Count Dooku during the Clone Wars.

During the Clone Wars, Dooku met an intermediary, the Dathomiri witch Mother Talzin, who introduced him to Opress. The warrior was said to be related to Zabrak Sith Lord Darth Maul.


or view his ebay profile page at:

You can also email him directly at:

You can also add him as a friend on Facebook here:


This is where the magic happens. On a temporarily crowded kitchen table.

Today's Customizer Spotlight figure, Dad's latest custom action figure, and a repair being made on a custom figure that was destroyed in shipping.

Ben Kenobi "Crazy Hermit"

Ben Kenobi "Crazy Hermit"

Because it has the torso of an Empire Strikes Back - Luke Skywalker - Dagobah Training action figure, he has the four different interchangeable arms.

Dad made this action figure with the fodder box while I was at school.


CUSTOMIZER SPOTLIGHT #6!! - jimjedi3002

Below are two custom action figures from my collection made by jimjedi3002. He is today's Customizer's Spotlight. The heads on these action figures are too loose for play, but they are both great for creating photo novels.


A very simple custom, but a big payoff for the effort.

The Mara Jade is highly pose-able.


Ozzik Sturn was a Human male Imperial captain and big game hunter. Using family connections, Sturn rose through the ranks of the military. When assigned to various worlds, he would spend time hunting native creatures, taking their heads as trophies. Sturn desperately wished for an opportunity to hunt a fugitive Jedi during the Great Jedi Purge. He did not get his wish, however, as he was installed as Chief Magistrate on the Mid Rim world Malastare.

No longer satisfied with hunting animals, Sturn had sentient prisoners released into a private hunting reserve, in which he would hunt them down. This outraged Malastare's native Dugs and Grans, so the captain was transferred to the Wookiee homeworld of Kashyyyk and tasked with overseeing the construction of a large skyhook in orbit by Wookiee slaves. There, he would hunt the native Wookiees, going so far as to wear their pelts as part of his uniform. He even had a private trophy room to display the severed heads of animals he had killed.

In 2 BBY, Princess Leia Organa of Alderaan arrived on Kashyyyk as part of a trap set by Emperor Palpatine to prevent her father, Senator Bail Organa, from rebelling against the Empire. Should Senator Organa rebel, Sturn promised Leia that she would die in a Wookiee uprising. Jedi Master Rahm Kota, an ally of Senator Organa's who had led a brief rebellion against the Empire months earlier, learned of Leia's situation and tasked Galen Marek—"Starkiller," the secret apprentice of Darth Vader—with rescuing her from Kashyyyk. Leia then, in turn, tasked Marek with destroying the skyhook, and so Sturn finally saw his chance to hunt the man he assumed to be a Jedi. While Starkiller was busy removing the tractor pins that anchored the skyhook to the planet's surface, Sturn entered his personal AT-KT and attempted to kill him. Starkiller destroyed his AT-KT and killed the captain instead, just before destroying the skyhook itself.

Love the Wookie pelt.


We won some action figure fodder on ebay not too long ago and Dad put this action figure together the other night. He used the legs and torso of a Han Solo, the head of an Episode II Anakin Skywalker, and arms and cape of an action figure still waiting to be identified. We received the silver paint with the fodder and it really made a difference when making this Chiss pirate. We know the gun is from a G.I. Joe Baroness. Outside of that all other accessories are up to speculation.

What we like best about this action figure is that he works well with the Clone Wars and Saga Legends line of action figures. He also like that he looks great with and without the cape.


This is a picture of the action figure while it was still in development just before the final paint and seal.


Saturday, September 18, 2010

Commander Wolffe

Commander Wolffe (CC-3636) is one of Dad's favorite characters in the Clone Wars television series. We were both disappointed that Hasbro hasn't decided to make him as an action figure. To quell our disappointment, we borrowed a body from a CW Admiral Yularen action figure and used the leftover head from the Echo we used to make the Cad Bane in Clone Trooper disguise and now we have us a playable Commander Wolffe. Dad had to use some filler on the inside of the head to make it all fit and painted the neck to make the skin match better.

created by Darth Daddy


Commander Wolffe
with Cybernetic Eye

created by Darth Daddy

Commander Wolffe later had his original eye replaced with a cybernetic eye after Asajj Ventress struck him with her lightsaber.

Commander Wolffe
Season 4

created by Darth Daddy

For this figure Dad boiled and popped the legs off the two Wolffe figures we had and cut off the hands off of the new 2012 Wolffe. Dad then drilled two small holes in the end of the wrists of the figure. Then Dad popped the ball hinge wrists off the older Wolffe and inserted the pegs into the newly drilled holes.

Dad modified the pegs of the old Wolffe figure at the hip's hinge to make them small enough to snap into the hip of the new 2012 Clone Wars Wolffe and then used a black wash to weather the legs to match the rest of the figure.