Thursday, June 21, 2012

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Nikto Mechanic

Dad threw this figure together and I painted him.  He is made from a Wilrow Hood body and Fi-Ek Sirch head and hands. The vest is from some G.I. Joe fodder and the hoses are from a Bossk figure and some other fodder we had laying around.

Nikto Mechanic
by Elias & Darth Daddy

Our Nikto Mechanic was featured on the front page of Imperial Shipyards.

Friday, June 15, 2012

CAFN: Episode 31 - Michael Norman and The Blanx Customizable Action Figure


Custom Action Figure News were finally able to talk with Mr. Michael Norman, creator of the blanx action figure and Below are the links to all of the different parts of his site they discussed.

How to get a Blanx:

Vote for the next Blanx sculpt! (psst vote for the female):

How to contact Michael at gonativetoys:

How to enter the Blanx action figure custom contest:

Michael's sculpting and prototyping work:
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Figure News podcast:

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CAFN - Episode 30: Marauders gunrunners, toy talk and foreshadowing whats to come


Custom Action Figure News  was supposed to talk with Michael Norman of Blanx action figure fame but he got tied up. They are working to reschedule him and will have him for you soon.  Until then enjoy (if you can) the ramblings of Chad and Shawn ... We know we always do...

Go here to listen to the Custom Action
Figure News podcast:

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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Nicola Acris: Hide In Plain Site Custom Contest Entry

"Who is Nicola Acris? Nicola Acris is a brilliant, yet demented, Separatist bioengineer under the command of General Grievous. Acris was responsible for the development of much of the cybernetic technology used to resurrect Grievous following his near fatal shuttle crash. Obsessed with harnessing the power of the force for himself, General Grievous enlists the aid of Acris and the two embark on a dark quest to manipulate the body’s midi-chlorian count. The silhouette is only meant to serve as a promotional piece and in no way limit your creativity! "

When Dad set out to create this action figure he wanted to make one that you could all create at home. The two figures he used have been found on shelves in retail stores for months. With all the repacks this season flooding store pegs, now would be a great time to treat yourself to a custom action figure and actually add a new figure to your collection for once. It's not like we are able to find any of the new Star Wars figures at retail. All he used was the G.I. Joe Renegades Tunnel Rat and the Clone Wars Cold Weather Plo Koon. The head and hands are from the Plo Koon and the rest is all Tunnel Rat. He painted the arms with a few coats of Citadel's Delvan Mud wash and the hands with Reaper's Earth Brown acrylic paint. Dad squirted some glue from the hot glue gun into the hole in Plo Koon's head so it would fit tightly on the head peg and still be able to maintain the articulation of a ball joint.  Great for a beginner!

Nicola Acris
by Darth Daddy

Contest ends June 15th

X-Wing Alliance - Chapter 22: Rise of the Veiled Peril

Hangarbay 94 releases his next chapter. The story strand takes place just as Lando leaves the Nebulon cruiser in search of Han Solo, and you will now get an insight into what the Rebel Alliance gets up to as events lead up the the Battle of Endor...

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Peakob1's video updated

Chad Peak (aka: Peakob1 or CAP) has been a Star Wars fan all his life. He makes customs for the love of the hobby and you won't find a more dedicated fan. He hopes one day that he can have an entire custom collection simply because it is personalized to him and he never seeks financial gain by doing his customs, although he has done a few commissions at reasonable prices. He started customizing in '95,but that's because he doesn't count some of the vintage Ewoks that he colored over with black and brown markers as a kid.

He refers to his style of customizing as "hard sculpting" opposed to using sculpy to mold his own figures. He uses bits of existing parts and dremels those down to make a new result. He believes that it makes for a much stronger figure because he's a little like Jar Jar, "hesa clumsy" and often drops figures. Usually they don't break if he builds them properly. He finds customizing very exciting and he has many projects on the horizon. 

Since Peakob1 and Dad just finished working together on my Hondo Ohnaka Pirate Gang, it felt like a good time to show you the other action figures Peakob1 has created.  This video is a great introduction if you are new to his work.  We know you will enjoy his customs!

He displays his customs on Yakface, Droids and Ewoks, and Jedi Defender.


Friday, June 8, 2012

CAFN interviews Frank Diorio


Frank Diorio is a well known commodity as it comes to customizing and especially diorama building. His Niub Niub's Universe was a host for thousands of free printables that allowed many of us to build our own playsets for our figures, beasties, and vehicles. Frank is definitely back with a great new website called and he was kind enough to give CAFN a few minutes to talk about his upcoming Diorama Workshop he will be hosting at C6. Be sure to give this link a look please to see how you can help Frank make C6 even better!

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CAFN Episode 29 - Diorama Building Roundtable


Custom Action Figure News just keeps getting better and better.  We are loving this roundtable format.  It's just awesome that they are alternating their podcasts between the interview and roundtable format, because we never want the interviews to stop, but this roundtable is equally cool.  We had an absolute blast listening to Barry (R1bb1t) and Scott (Spooky Mufu) talk about the art of diorama making. There are just a ton of tips to starting your own dioramas and what you can do to make them awesome. They even had a very special guest, none other than legendary Frank D'iorio, who showed up at the end and shared his own thoughts about diorama making and gave everyone a special Celebration 6 Sneak Peek.

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Figure News podcast:

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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Hondo Ohnaka's Weequay Pirate Gang: Group Shots

Hondo Ohnaka's Weequay Pirate Gang 
created by Peakob1 & Darth Daddy

We just had a chance to take a few pictures of Hondo Ohnaka's Weequay Pirate Gang  all together.

I bet if Hasbro ever sold these in 3-packs they would  do very well.

They could sell the droid separately.

The Hondo Ohnaka Pirate Gang  created by Peakob1 and Darth Daddy was featured in the Customizer Spotlight  over  at

The Hondo Ohnaka Pirate Gang group photo of Peakob1's and Darth Daddy's customs was featured on the front page of Imperial Shipyards.