Thursday, April 3, 2014

"CUSTOMIZER SPOTLIGHT" UPDATED: Peakob1 - "SUGI" Custom Action Figure

For the last few years, I have been working together with Star Wars customizer Peakob1, as well as a few others to create Elias an incredibly unique Clone Wars action figure collection. So far, his bookshelf currently features a lot of fan-favorite characters that were not released by Hasbro in their Clone Wars action figure line before it was discontinued last year.  Many fans were disappointed when the line ended and a lot of the characters we grew to love over the years were never released as action figures.  Even though we won't be seeing any future episodes or toys from the show, the Customs for the Kid blog will still be showing you all the coolest Clone Wars creations out there today as we add to the collection.

Peakob1's latest masterpiece is his Clone Wars "Sugi" action figure.  This beautifully sculpted work of art is complimented with a gorgeous paint application.  I own a lot of custom action figures by Peakob1 and this action figure is by far one of his all-time best creations.  

This is a bounty hunter action figure I think we all would have wanted in our collections, and I can easily see her being heavily requested on Fan's Choice lists for years to come.  If she ever does get a release by Hasbro, it needs to come with her ship!

created by Peakob1