Sunday, December 27, 2015

"Customs for the Kid" 2015 - Year In Review

A less productive year for "Customs for the Kid" than in previous years,  2015 was a challenging year for both me and Dad. Outside of our responsibilities to keep the the blog going, we spent a big portion of the year house hunting and making a big move in the middle of the year. 

Well, while the blog certainly suffered for it, Elias and Darth Daddy were still able to crank out 36 Star Wars custom action figures regardless of all the big changes. As you know the output is a lot less than what was accomplished in the past, but it was still quite the achievement under the circumstances.  

Now, we made a lot of customs for beginners, where a quick kitbash was all that was needed to get the job done, but we made sure to include plenty of intermediate and advanced custom pieces peppered throughout to keep the more seasoned customizers intrigued.  From head swaps to 100% sculpted figures, we made sure we had something for everyone.

A lot of exciting things happened in 2015 for the blog.  Earlier in the year, we had our action figures featured in Star Wars Celebration's "Star Wars Custom Action Figure" Panel which was the biggest honor a Star Wars customizer could ever receive. 

Big thanks to for posting this video.  It's the first one we found so far.

We also held our second ever custom action figure contest again teaming up with RebelForce Radio to promote the Star Wars radio drama "Smuggler's Bounty" created by Kyle Newman and F.J. DeSanto.

Once summer hit, Dad was asked to create High Adventure's album cover for their latest "High Five" release. 

Thankfully, the end of the year winded down at a quiet pace as we eagerly anticipated the mid-season finale for Star Wars Rebels and the big release of "The Force Awakens".  Here's looking to 2016! Hope you enjoy the video below of our action figures created in 2015.

"Customs for the Kid" 
2015 - Year In Review