Sunday, July 24, 2016


Peak-OB1 Custom Creations and Darth Daddy of Customs for the Kid discuss the Season One finale "Hostage Crisis" and The Clone Wars custom action figures the episode inspired.

"332nd CLONE TROOPER" created by Elias

Last weekend, I had the opportunity to watch the live feed for Star Wars Celebration Europe 2016. There were lots of great panels, but one of my favorites was Ahsoka's Untold Tales Panel with Dave Filoni, Ashley Eckstein, and Pablo Hidalgo.  The panel was focused on unreleased story arcs from The Clone Wars television series featuring Ahsoka Tano.  One of the story arcs was based on an adventure located on Mandalore where Ahsoka and Bo Katan team up to defeat Darth Maul with the assistance of the Jedi.  It was a really interesting story that I wish we could have had the opportunity to see animated.  In the story, Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker are the Jedi tasked with aiding in the conflict, bu they are called to return to Coruscant because Chancellor Palpatine was captured by Count Dooku.  This arc was special because it lead up to the events that took place immediately preceding Revenge of the Sith.  Dave Filoni explained that before Anakin left Mandalore he put the 501st clone troopers in his command under the leadership of Ahsoka Tano creating the 332nd clone troopers.  Even more interesting was that Captain Rex was part of this 332nd unit which explains his absence from Revenge of the Sith!

Dave showed some concept art for the 332nd Clone Trooper so I took the opportunity to create one for my collection.  All it took was a little paint and I was good to go.  I'm so glad to have one of these clones in my collection now!

created by Elias

The orange markings on the figure looked too red against the blue background, so I switched to the white background to show the true coloring better.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

CUSTOMIZER SPOTLIGHT #47: "Custom Star Wars Action Figure Displays" by thecardboardgalaxy

Recently on eBay we came across some very cool custom Star Wars action figure displays.  We picked up all three that were available and then today noticed thecardboardgalaxy added five more unique displays to the store as well.  We already received our first three in the mail and were so impressed with the products being offered, we purchased all five of his new displays as well.

If you want the eyes of your peers, a nice background is key to your overall presentation, even if it is just a clean solid background color. We highly recommend these displays to custom action figure artists that want to display their finished action figure art in all its glory.  If you spend hours working on a figure it deserves a good photoshoot with a nice background to complement it.  Good backgrounds are something we can't stress enough to artists just starting out.  

"Custom Star Wars Action Figure Displays" 
created by thecardboardgalaxy

The included tiered risers make it easy to support several figures in your display at the same time. 


Available Action Figure Displays

Sunday, July 17, 2016


Peak-OB1 Custom Creations and Darth Daddy of Customs for the Kid discuss "Innocents of Ryloth" and "Liberty On Ryloth" and The Clone Wars custom action figures the episode inspired.

work in progress by Darth Daddy


To be truthful, The Clone Wars version of Cham Syndulla wasn't on my radar until only recently.  I was more partial to creating the Rebels version of the character so I could place Cham on the shelf next to his daughter Hera.  My drive to fabricate him in his earliest incarnation was completely driven by wanting to create more content for the "Customizing The Clone Wars" videocast that I do every week with Star Wars customizer Peak-OB1. I was hoping to have this action figure done in time for the 13th episode of "Customizing The Clone Wars" where Peak-OB1 Custom Creations and just showcased a selection of Clone Wars custom action figures of the unrepresented characters that are in Season One's "Liberty on Ryloth".

To start the process, I used ProCreate and Aves Fixit to make some small adjustments to the Clone Wars Mace Windu figure that would change him into Cham Syndulla. A sculpting medium was applied to the figure on the head, torso, arms and legs to facilitate the transition. I recommend using ProCreate to create the lekku off the back of the head.  It maintains a rubbery flexibility when dry, which is very key to making the figure more playable and not just a display piece. 

I used the sleeves of an old Star Wars t-shirt to sew the soft goods that I hand sewed. Old t-shirts are great to cut up for fabric to sew your soft goods from.    There is a nice weight to the material that keeps the fabric close to the body.

To wrap this figure up, I only need to finish painting the head and do some touch ups here and there throughout the rest of the figure. I will also most likely make a few adjustments to the headsculpt as well.  I'm always my own worst critic.

work in progress by Darth Daddy


2 Left Forearms - Clone Wars Shahan Alama
Hands - Vintage Quinlan Vos
Soft goods were fabricated & sewed by hand