Monday, November 20, 2017


This was a clone trooper we have been wanting to get to for a long time now. Hound was an ARF Trooper sergeant of the Coruscant Guard who was stationed at the Republic military base during the Clone Wars. To make the figure we used the body from a Clone Wars Commander Wolffe action figure with a casted helmet that was sent to us by a friend. To finish the figure I just added the signature paint applications.

In 20 BBY, shortly after the bombing of the Jedi Temple hangar, Letta Turmond, who was responsible for planting the explosives, was taking into Republic custody at the Military base on Coruscant. After Turmond died, having believed to be murdered by Ahsoka Tano, Hound was part of the team that searched the base for Tano with his massiff, Grizzer. The massiff picked up on Tano's scent and led him towards her. However, she narrowly evaded them and escaped on top of the Geonosis monument. Hound later went with Grizzer and the others of his group to corner Tano.

created by Elias

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

"REBEL HOVER CRATES" created by Kyp Durron

The other day we received an email from one of our readers named Cliff McCarthy aka Kyp Durron who sent us some digital files of "Rebels Hover Crate" Papercraft that he made. 

In his email, he stated that he'd like to let us be the first to test them out. 

He said he used to print out his own set, and left the "fit picture to frame" box checked/ticked. This prints the hover crate and accessory page out in 1:18th scale. 

He made all on-screen versions he was able to find (standard brown/tan, Imperial grey, and Fulcrum Green). Plus he made several custom colors to represent various contents. 

The Custom ones are:

Blue = Aquatic foodstuffs and supplies. Like fish, chum, liquids, etc. 

White = Medical supplies like Bacta. 

Yellow = Hazardous materials like radioactive or bio hazard. 

Light Brown = Clothing and linens. 

He also made an accessory page that has squares for meilooruns, jogans, pistols, rifles, credits, and spice. This page includes racks that can hold the various pieces much like the racks seen in the first episode. And four extra foot pegs to help give the bottom of the crate definition. Kyp Durron even included a rough draft version of the credit boxes that Vizago, Hondo, and Lando are seen using. 

Each of the crates has the option to have a folding top or a removable top and there's an insert for the interior of the crate. He's working on some additions, so the lid to have an insert, as well as designs for other supply accessories. 

It's easy to add cardstock (cereal box material) to the crates to strengthen them, but the insert does make them sturdy enough for display purposes. 

He hopes you all enjoy these crates, and we'd all love to see them used in some of your dioramas too. Send all your diorama pictures that utilize these crates to so we can put together a nice little video compilation of all the dioramas that were inspired by Kyp Durron's hard work!

created by Kyp Durron

Friday, November 3, 2017

CubesCity Customs Added to "Customs I Wish I Owned"

Bryce Cooper aka CubesCity Customs started with purchasing just a few 6" figures 3 years ago, and from there his mild curiosity grew into a full collection. Soon he began seeing customs that others were making and decided he'd give it a go making some of his own customs. Bryce got his name out there with his first big commission project, an old Ben Kenobi. Unfortunately, he later realized that commissions were taking up all his free time, and customizing felt like more like a second job than a hobby. So he stopped taking commissions and focused more on individual customs for himself. 

He then met Jason Harrop, and they both realized that they had a real knack for making these custom 6" Star Wars figures. They then formed a relationship where Bryce would supply Jason with soft goods for their projects and Jason would supply him with the head sculpt and later full casting kits. They then decided to form Two Suns 6" Customs to share their work and to help others with their customs giving advice anywhere they could. The Facebook group they formed took off like wildfire!

Wednesday, October 25, 2017


Yesterday, we received a surprise package in the mail from our good friend Thank The Maker and we couldn't believe what we found inside the box.  Back in August, we did a feature on Thank The Maker's super cool Action Figure Bleacher Kits.  He painted up a few of the kits to to show how customizable these sets were. All of them were quite stunning, and really showcased what an impressive painter Thank The Maker is. 

His Star Wars: Rebels inspired bleacher especially caught our eye.  From the Sabine inspired paint scheme and taggings, to the sleeping quarters of Zeb and Ezra built into the right side of the stand, so much thought and planning went into this amazing work of art.  It's truly incredible. It made a great birthday even better! We loved it so much we spent the rest of the day rearranging all the display shelves in my room just to accommodate it, and boy it was so worth it! The Rebels shelf in my room looks amazing. 

The next day we have free, we are going to do an updated video to show everything we have on my shelves so stay tuned!



The sleeping quarters aboard The Ghost was such a cool touch he added to the piece!

Click image above to view a 2nd bonus video!

Friday, October 20, 2017


So, I just had a birthday earlier in the month and Dad surprised me with an out of this world present, Clone Wars custom action figures made by Peak-OB1 Custom Creations from "The Box" episode. We featured a few of the figures on the blog already, but today's feature is all about Onca and Bulduga.

Normally we get our action figures from Peak-OB1 Custom Creations directly, but these particular figures were commissioned by another collector many years ago. That collector recently made the decision to sell off their Star Wars collection and contacted us to see if we'd be interested in purchasing what he had available.  We jumped at the chance to buy these knowing they can't be found anywhere else. We admired them from afar ever since their creation, always wishing they were part of our collection. The paintwork and craftsmanship on these figures are just incredible, and worthy of our previous praise. While we still need a few more of the figures to complete the set, Balduga and Onca might just be my favorites of the bunch.

"Most beings in the galaxy assume that Ithorians are peaceful keepers of gardens and contemplative philosophy. The ones who have stared down the barrels of the bounty hunting brothers Bulduga and Onca beg to differ -- if not busy begging for their lives. While Onca favored heavier rifles, Bulduga preferred the fast-draw blaster. Some who noticed Bulduga's low slung holster, red-lensed goggles and wide-brimmed hat wondered if perhaps Bulduga was a copy-cat, looking to imitate another well-known gunslinger -- but not within earshot of the deadly Ithorian." - Star Wars Databank

"Together with his brother Bulduga, Onca was part of a legendary bounty hunting team. While Bulduga fancied himself a fast-drawing gunslinger, Onca was slower, unable to overcome the bulk of his Ithorian build to snap off shots as quickly as his brother could. Instead, Onca favored firepower over flash or finesse. He often carried more than one blaster rifle at a time, including a sawed-off one." - Star Wars Databank

created by Peak-OB1 Custom Creations

My current collection of figures from "The Box".

Only a few more to go to complete the set!