Tuesday, January 17, 2017


This Rebels version of Captain Rex's AT-TE is a custom that many artists wanted to build ever since season 2 of Rebels premiered. Yet you need more than just desire to make it happen. Probably the coolest custom I came across since the start of the new year, Eric Berry's Rebels AT-TE has all the add-ons that give an already large vehicle an even bigger presence. There’s so many delicate parts and an abundance of details crammed into this lush playset. Eric admits that he had to “split the difference” on some things, as the toy is close to 80% in scale to the figures. As a result, some things like the cannon are somewhat bigger than they should be, even after compressing the parts in size. For example, he stated that you can’t pivot the cannon too far or it eventually hits the antennae. Most of it was scratch built. Lots of tiny little parts and details. Other cool features are a working rear door, cranes that rotate and pivot, and a folding rear ladder. My favorite part of the build was the work he did on the interior. He made only one bunk since they’d sleep in shifts, on the floor, or in hammocks in the command center. Then he tossed in a couple chairs, and a dejarik table. Opposite the bunk is a small galley and up on the wall they have a mounted battle droid head, “Clanker”, as a joke from their former days in the Grand Army. Other features inside include a rifle rack, welding gear, and storage above the bunk. Almost all parts are plastic except for some cargo boxes that were wood and skinned in styrene. 

This is one beautiful piece. Museum worthy. I hope one day he offers casts of all the accessories he created for this piece so he can make AT-TE conversion kits for sale in his diorama parts webpage so we can make our own at home. 

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