Sunday, September 12, 2010

Customizer Spotlight #4: Stocos28

This week, Customizer Spotlight is proud to present Stocos28. Stocos28 has been an ebay member since July of 2005 offering custom action figures to the ebay community. We bought a human Jedi named Kentar Framic from Stocos28 and have been using it as my Dad in our Star Wars play because of the resemblance.

The action figures body was taken from the Prince of Persia toy line that customizers have been eager to use for the detailed clothing the action figures offer. The clothing is just perfect to use as Jedi robes. The Prince of Persia action figures can be found on clearance in toy stores everywhere if you know where to look. We saw a couple of these on clearance in a local Target.

We love that this figure included a detachable comlink!

You can view the ebay page for Stocos28 and see his items listed for sale at:

You can also email him at: