Thursday, December 9, 2010

Yakface Secret Santa Action Figure: ZOMBIE JEDI

Dad made this action figure for Yakface's Secret Santa. Dad just checked, and our action figure reached its new owner Mungo Baobab today. Mungo Baobab is known for making one of a kind custom Jedi action figures. Dad wanted to make him a Jedi that he hasn't made yet which was tough because he keeps making so many.

Dad has recently been hooked on AMC's TV show The Walking Dead and I think it was a big influence on him when he made this action figure.

How would the Jedi react to one of their own being turned into the walking dead?

Jedi Master Morta was still strong with the Force.

After being severely bitten on her jaw by a Wookiee zombie. Jedi Master Morta cut off what was left of her own mouth with her lightsaber before she turned into the walking dead. Without her mouth, there would be no way for her to bite another and spread the infection. This action also stopped her bleeding as she reached with great desperation to become one with the Force before she lost too much blood. There wasn't time enough...

It's the first custom action figure that ever left the house.

This Christmas project was a lot of fun and definitely kicked off the Christmas spirit at home. We can't wait to do it again next year.


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Would a zombie Jedi still be capable of using the Force? Would it still bother using a lightsaber? We'd love to hear your thoughts on this in our comments section.

With her face half chewed off this action figure was a bit too adult for the collection of a seven year old.

This custom action figure took many hours and more coats of paint than we can even count to get the look of decomposing flesh.