Friday, June 10, 2011


StarWarsGeek has been making custom items for the past 20+ years, and isn't afraid to branch out into other territories, whether it be for a part, or for inspiration. He's made figures and vehicles from Star Wars, GI Joe, Marvel Universe, Video Games and other properties as well. He also does minibusts, statues/maquettes, and even a prop or two from time to time. Currently accepting commissions, you can contact him at his website ( or via any of the social networking sites listed at his site


The Animoto video application Dad uses kept cutting off the heads of the action figures in the photos we had of StarWarsGeek's work. It was driving Dad crazy. Dad has the same problem when he tries to make videos of our customs. It's because Dad and StarWarsGeek use customized framing in their pictures. Dad had to manually reframe the photos to make sure the best parts of the figures were emphasized. Unfortunately Dad lost some of the lettering on some photos to save the heads. Dad was really bummed about it because StarWarsGeek does such a stellar job when it comes to presenting his work.