Thursday, June 16, 2011


Our latest customizer, Stocos28, is from New Jersey and he specializes in custom 3 3/4" figures for the adult collector. He offers great customs that can be played with. He's huge fan of Star Wars, G.I. Joe and all things 80's. Stocos28 has been an ebay member since July of 2005 offering custom action figures to the ebay community. With a 100% positive feedback score from over 1,350 ebay buyers, we think it's safe to say he puts out exemplary work. We bought a human Jedi named Kentar Framic from Stocos28 a while back that we featured in our Customizer Spotlight and recently added a second custom action figure created by Stocos28 to my collection, Jedi Master Ey' Dee. Stocos28 is humble and he will tell you that he's no Sith_Fire30, but in our opinion he's working real hard at getting there and the results are evident. This talented customizer even offers resin cast sculpts from the customs he makes over at Slayer Design Studios. If you ask us Stocos28 is a customizer to watch. You can start watching by taking a look of Dad's video featuring this super talented artist's work.



Our Customizer Spotlight feature for Stocos28 has been updated to include
Jedi Master Ey' Dee

You can view the ebay page for Stocos28 and see his items listed for sale at:

You can also email him at:

To purchase casted action figure parts from Stocos 28, visit his page over at Slayer Design Studios: