Saturday, September 24, 2011


Dad has always been very intimidated about creating a diorama. That is until he saw the Youtube videos of The Budget Jedi. At the time we are writing this, The Budget Jedi has 8,690 channel views and 19,085 total upload views, and he has quite a loyal following with 532 subscribers.

Not Always Poor, but Always Frugal? The Budget Jedi shares tips and tricks on Toy Collecting Fun on the Cheap! Previously budgetjedi on Youtube, his channel mostly contains dioramas, deal finds on toys, and random fun stuff that he likes to share with his audience. Mostly Star Wars and some hauls. He also shows some Batman, Marvel, DC and Transformers!

We viewed these videos below that he created and wanted to share this talented artist with you all so you can make some cool Star Wars on the cheap too!

Boba Fett's "Sarlacc Escape" Display

"Darth Maul Duel" Vol 1: Diorama in the Making

"Darth Maul Duel" Vol 2: Diorama Final Display

Check out his Youtube Channel below: