Thursday, February 23, 2012

DEATH TROOPER created by Darth Daddy

When an experimental virus was tested on this Stormtrooper, he surprised the Imperial research team when he exhibited an alarming reaction to the injection. The team disposed of him immediately down inside the ship's trash compactor.

Dad has been wanting to make one of these action figures ever since he listened to Joe Shreiber's book on audio tape during a long road trip. When the new G.I. Joe Zombie Viper action figure came out, he knew it was time to take a crack at it. After he found the action figure at a local pharmacy he was all ready to go. He used the Vintage Stormtrooper action figure for the body and the G.I. Joe Zombie Viper action figure provided the parts for the undead portion of his creation. Dad painted the figure with less blood and gore and tried to use a comic book color scheme. He did the build while he listened to Lucasclones and Tamer interview customizer TTT on Custom Action Figure News and when he heard them give the original blue skin tone a bad rap, Dad tried to see if he could make the blue look good. He really loves the way the figure came out. He's pretty sure somebody else has probably tried the same formula by now, but he hasn't come across it yet in the customizing forums. He considers the figure a work in progress, but to be honest Dad's been saying that about all of his completed figures lately.

created by Darth Daddy

Inspired by Joe Schreiber's "Death Troopers"

Here's a picture with the helmet off.

Dad's Death Trooper featured on the front page of Imperial Shipyards.