Sunday, March 11, 2012

Iktochi Separatist Sympathizer

I wasn't sure if Dad was going to have time to finish an action figure for this weekend, so I decided that I'd make sure you all had a new figure to look at when you all came to visit today. It turned out Dad did get one done, but he still has to photograph it, so it won't be posted until later today. To hold you over is a quick No Paint Kit Bash that I threw together using a head from a Clone Wars Saesee Tiin, the hands from a Wilrow Hood, and the body of the Vintage Doltay Dofine.

Iktochi Separatist sympathizer, Xerro Dovitti, conspired with the Separatist Army several times throughout the Clone Wars. A rich and powerful merchant, he sometimes loaned his space freighters to the Separatists to help them move their droid armies and supplies to strategic locations throughout the galaxy. He also sometimes acted as a Separatist commander during these missions.

Iktochi Separatist Sympathizer
created by Elias

I did all the photography this time around.

The gun is from G.I. Joe fodder we had, but I'm not sure who it was from.

I used the hands of a Wilrow Hood action figure.

The blue marking on the Clone Wars Saesee Tiin matched really well with the body of the Doltay Dofine.

My Iktochi Separatist Sympathizer was featured on the front page of Imperial Shipyards.