Saturday, March 24, 2012

Naboo Army Build

Nothing is cooler than Hasbro releasing the Vintage Naboo Royal Guard and the Discover the Force Naboo Pilot this 2012 season. These figures provided us with a great way to army build our collections. All it took was a few head swaps to diversify my figures. It really helped me with doing a Rebel Fleet Trooper army build too. We'll save those pics for another day. What I love the most about these figures is the wonderful articulation.

Hasbro take note, I am an eight year old, and I DO want as much articulation as possible. You would never cheat a G.I. Joe action figure buyer out of knee articulation, don't do it to your Star Wars fans. A young audience is a lame excuse for cutting corners. Especially at the prices you charge. We want our Jedi, our bounty hunters, clones and villains to fit into various different positions. These are toys not statues. This is Star Wars people. Action poses for an action driven series.

Ok, now check out what Hasbro got right this year.

Naboo Royal Guard Army Build
by Elias and Darth Daddy

Naboo Pilot Army Build
by Elias and Darth Daddy

Dad's Naboo Army Build was featured on the front page of Imperial Shipyards.