Sunday, April 22, 2012

Bring Back the Build A Droids

This week we bring attention to an area when Hasbro gets it right. At home here we are big fans of the Build A Droid.  This was an idea of Hasbro's that was just pure gold.  The new Walmart exclusive Royal Starship Droid set and the Discover the Force G8-R3 just added a bunch of alternate parts that could be used to create custom kitbash droids.  We bought two extra sets just for this purpose.  Below are just four of the droids we created using some older parts we had with the new parts we obtained.  The sets are in stores now so try and grab them before you find yourself having to pay top dollar on ebay.  Some collectors complain about the lower peg holes on the astromechs, and while they can be unsightly, they are easy to hide with some minimal sculpting work.

They truly are Hasbro's gift to the customizing world.  Now if only Hasbro could discontinue the dice and get some new B.A.D. parts rolling out with the figures once more.

Kitbashed Build A Droids
by Elias

There are lots of combinations you can come up with using just a little imagination.

Kitbashed Droids were featured on the front page of Imperial Shipyards.
of Imperial Shipyards.